The Ladies of the Octagonal Table

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Welcome to ye olde dayes of gentility and valour, when men donned ridiculously heavy armour and poked swords into eachother, whilst the women wisely stayed home, or languished in towers under heavy guard by the local fire-breathing dragon.

We ladies sit in the crystal castle, at the fabled Octagonal Table, warmed by a roaring fire. We await the return of our valiant men, and work diligently at our needlepoint, filling our days with feminine laughter, and discussing the news at court. Occasionally we shelter some poor princess from the wicked fairy that would turn her into their favorite form of amphibian. Of an evening, we may have a visit from the occasional overzealous suitor climbing in through the windows, or throwing a smiley - rose up into the balcony.

Shouldst thou wish to join us, signeth thy name below, and thou shalt be attended to at the first break in weaving.

A green dragon

The ladies

Princess Buttercup presides.

The matron Lady Dragonfly keeps an eye on those suitors.

The delicate Lady Shea of New Amsterdam adorns the court with her shy, retiring presence.

The Lady Broelan decorates the court in her lovely apparel/

The young, as yet unnamed village girl, who waiteth apon the ladies.

Lizzy: the flautist whose music charms the ladies out of their melancholy.

Our wonderous Lady singerElly delights all with her many talents.

The gentlemen

Our illustrious patron King Cthulhu

Ottox a mysterious suitor who may be more than he seems..........

PANAMA a foreign gentleman with a uniform and an accent! *swoon*

Bard Bob lightens the burdens of the ladies' hearts with his harpsichord playing.

Sir Mistral: the suitor with the honey-coated words.


Suitors for the ladies of the court. Must have a title, good court manners, be handsome and charming, and have good ladder ascention skills. Applications below.

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