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A member of the secret H2G2 organisation, C.H.O.P.P.E.R.S, Poetry Woman's most powerful weapon is her Poetry Beam. With the ability to be set anywhere from 'Lousy Limericks' through 'Vile Verse' and 'Revolting Rhymes', it even has a super-secret setting known as 'Pernicious Prose', to be used ONLY as a last resort.

Poetry woman is protected from her own poetry beam by the super-potent 'Forcefield of Literary Taste' -- a necessary precaution, lest her ears shrivel from the force of that terrible verse, and her brain implode by the sheer horror of the forces which she unleashes on the forces of S.T.U.M.P.E.D.

As an added measure, she throws the Shield of Dissonance with force and accuracy. Fortunately the Shield of Dissonance is part-boomerang and always comes back.

She is never seen without her valorous (if rather short) sidekick Haiku Girl and together they fight for truth, justice, and the H2G2 way!

Poetry Woman has elegant blonde curls, and is clad in red spandex, complete with a cape, and thigh-boots.

NEW!!!! See a picture of Poetry Woman here!!!

When not fighting crime, she lurks around the Guide in her daffy, but lovable Secret Identity, known only to herself, and protected from detection by the super-efficient disguise of wearing glasses.

Tune in again to hear more about this protector of the innocent!!!

NYC Student maintains a list of all heroes and villains.

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