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Founded by Curator Chick (Muse of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Procrastinator, and Vegetarian), the Southeast US Researchers' Group (SEURG) is for H2G2 Researchers who live in the southeast or feel some strong affinity with it.

The aims of this society are:

To provide links to the entries on the Southeast, and encourage people to create entries on their home

To arrange for periodic H2G2 meets in the Southeast

To provide a forum for conversation about the Southeast or other topics of interest to members

To help any H2G2 user interested in relocating to the Southeast

Southern Charm

This site is open to all, and encourages all opinions. However, we are not a separatist group, and we do not advocate returning to any idyllic vision of the South. If you aren't willing to consider the South as it is today, start your own users' group. Be polite to other users, and follow the basic rules of netiquette.


Curator Chick (Muse of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, Procrastinator, and Vegetarian)Columbia, SC

Two Bit Trigger Pumping Moron
Henry County, GA (which is a southern suburb of Atlanta)

Spoo Monkey Newport News, VA

H2G2 Entries on the South

Here's a list of all the entries I found by searching H2G2 (well I quit after going through about 400). I do not include individual users. Please look at these entries and tell me what you think--I haven't been all over the South, so I don't know what's accurate. Don't see an entry on your home? Don't like the entry on your home? Write a new one, and then tell me you've written it! *indicates a site is in the edited guide. Also, I lack a sense of southern humor--so please help me with it. Know about an entry I've missed? Mention it in the forums! And, please link to this page from your site!!

General Interest

The American South*Country Music*Kudzu*The Gnat Line*Sweet Tea* Insect Repellant* Flies*Possums*Killer Bees*American TV Televangelists*Butternut Squash Soup*Avoiding Crocodiles*Waffle House Restaurants*Map Search--USIdentifying US Regions by Cooking


Birmingham, Alabama, USA*



Bill Baggs State Park, Florida, USA*Tobacco Road, Miami, FL, USA* Miami, FL, USA*Best Places to View A LaunchLakeland, FL, USA


Augusta, GA, USA*Atlanta, GAThomasville, GA



Louisiana, USA*Cajuns*


Rolla, Mississippi, USA*The Olde Tyme Deli, Jackson, Mississippi, USA*

North Carolina

North Carolina, USA*


South Carolina

Okay, South Carolinians, this is a joke! I am going to work on remedying this--please help! The best site, although it is in need of editing, is at South Carolina. The following are jokes:The South Carolina Page and South Carolina.



Carl's Corner, Texas, USA*South Texas and SaltwaterLongview, Texas* South Padre, TXAustin, TX, USA*A Whistlestop Tour of Houston, TX, USA*Reasons to Avoid TX (there are 6 of these; this link is to the first


Springfield Interchange, VA, USA Jamestown Ferry

West Virginia

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