North Carolina, USA

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North Carolina is one of the 50 United States of America. It's middle-sized for a state and shaped like a big triangle. Millions of people live there, along with about a quadrillion mosquitoes, the Great Dismal Swamp and a whole lot of Loblolly pines. It has a temperate climate and is conveniently located in the dead centre of hurricane alley.

North Carolina's most important export is tobacco. Let's face it, the place was founded on tobacco, and grows the best, most plentiful tobacco of any place on Earth. North Carolina is therefore probably one of the leading causes of death. Many people have realized this, and are working to correct the situation by encouraging people to grow more useful things, such as food. This is proving difficult, however, because lots of people want to smoke tobacco, and a whole bunch of others want to sell tobacco to the ones who want to smoke it.

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