Curator Chick (Muse of Interdisciplinary Inquiry and Keeper of Museums)

Salvete! Welcome to my space . . . I hope to provide a place for hopelessly liberal and liberated people to discuss hopelessly pretentious topics like art history, museology, cultural studies / anthropology, classics, philosophy, literature, math, linguistics, and feminism, among many other things, or just anything, and to contribute entries on these topics to the guide. I read the HG books first when I was very small, and they reassured me that other people have weird minds like me . . . I hope that I can be sort of a curator/collector in H2G2.

My name is Kathy Mancuso, and I'm a college student and museum intern in Columbia, SC, USA who reads entirely too much and has entirely too many interests! As I have time, I will be posting more about interdisciplinarity here, and creating guide entries related to my interests, and I'd really love you to respond! Be sure to check out my referenced websites and my journal. Also, please post to the Inspirations conversation here . . . I have lots of ideas for things I think should be a part of H2G2, but I lack the time and GuideML knowledge to make them all work--so I'm serving as a muse. Thanks to everyone who has been helping me out with GuideML and the H2G2 community, especially Ottox and Amy the Ant, my H2G2 evil twin, Androyd ACE, JimiX--Guru, Archangel Galaxy Babe ACE, and Gosho!

H2G2 Favorites

I am the Muse of Interdisciplinary Inquiry, and I can often be found hanging out around the The Musehome (which has lots of useful links to clubs and other listings of helpful places on H2G2)--you too can become a muse! I am the Keeper of Museums (no surprise that). I am also a member of The H2G2 Vegetarian Society, the Chocolate Lovers, and the Freaks. You can find me at Lil's Atelier almost all the time, at the Aroma Cafe and at the Blue Steed Equestrian Center. I am a member of the Classic Goo fan club and would like to see the return of the Don't Panic and Edit Page buttons. I am the cellist, page turner, and lighting designer of the H2G2 Symphony Orchestra. I also recommend frequent visits to the H2G2 Addiction Clinic to guilt trip you into doing what you should be doing. M2M2 is a much-needed site for H2G2 queers.

Southeast US Researchers' Group

I am the founder of the Southeast US Researchers' Group, for any researcher who lives in or feels a strong affinity with the American South. Its purpose is to have meets in the region, encourage people to contribute articles on their homes, and provide a place for researchers from the South to come together. Southern humor and Southern charm always welcome, but not Southern separatism or racism (basic H2G2 rules apply)!

Cultures of Display

I have applied to become a member of the H2G2 University, and you'll find what will eventually be my project if it is approved (after I finish my regular university work for the term) at Cultures of Display .

The Royal Procrastinators Society

Procrastinate...tomorrow! I finally got around to joining the Royal Procrastinators Society and updating my page because school is very stressful right now and I have lots of papers and exams in the next two weeks . . . I'm not lazy, or addicted to the net--this is an art!

Shameless Promotion for Amy :-)

Library and Museum Logo Visit the H2G2 Library and Museum run by Amy the Ant. Graphic Ants is coming soon and promises to be fun!

H2G2 SETI@Home Researchers

From the famous Arecibo Observatory, which houses the world's largest single dish radio telescope, scientists are listening out for transmissions from space. Participate in this project for the search for extraterrestrial life with other h2g2 Researchers on The SETI@home Project. If you do take part, there is a small but captivating possibility that your computer will be the one to first detect a message transmitted from an alien civilization. Wow.

Jean-Michel (Far more sophisticated than a Tamagotchi!)

This is my pet egg, Jean-Michel, and he's my french baby--L'Amour! To nurse an egg of your very own, visit Greebo's Egg Sanctuary.


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