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Posted: 19th February 2009



Sitting In The Sun...

This is quite a novel way of writing an Editorial for me. I'm typing away in the middle of a nature reserve, in the sun, on my brand-new Netbook, and it makes a great change from sitting in the stuffy lounge, writing my Editorial. It's quite liberating, in fact.

We've got a great issue for you once again, starting with The Stretcher. Our contestants really do need your votes as we move towards our first eviction round, so please do get involved and vote for your favourite piece from those submitted. Our regular Acrostic poetry challenge has been supplemented by a Cabbage poetry challenge, and the hard-working Lil has been kind enough to put a collection of the best of those together for you to read. There are also not one, but two Aviators link-ups in this article, with the second part of Firestorm and a superb AV version of Beatrice's 'Take It To The Max' column. We also have a discussion about how easy it really is to draw cartoons by Tonsil Revenge, which is very timely as we welcome King Bomba to our cast of regular cartoonists. And SWL takes a personal look at the Victoria bushfires - the most touching and harrowing piece of writing I've seen for a long time. There's plenty more, of course; these are just my personal highlights, and if you read through, I'm sure you'll find inspiration of your own.

I totally forgot to mention in the last issue that The Thinker had been awarded her Post Reporter badge, so my apologies for the belated congratulations! JimCracker has also been awarded his for his fifth submission this issue, so well done to you both.

The Toubab will once again be travelling around The Gambia in early March, so I'm going to bid you farewell for a couple of issues and leave you in the capable hands of B'Elana. Submissions for the next issue will need to be with us by midnight on Sunday 1st March; in the meantime, enjoy this fine issue of The Post!


We got this news shortly after The Post 'went to press':

Amy Pawloski has just delivered a new h2g2 Researcher to the world, Kenna Grace Pawloski. Grace was born on February 16, at 4:59pm PST; she was 6 lbs 9 oz, 19½ inches long, and scored 7 and 9 on her APGARs. Hearty congratulations to all the family - it's a little late for champagne here, but I shall certainly be raising a glass of whisky to you! For more details and to give your congratulations, see Amy's thread.






  • First Love

  • A welcome return for Xarin, who appears to have come of age...










  • Musical Notes

  • h5ringer brings us part 2 of "Earthling what do you choose"
    and needs our readers' help in choosing an opera.





  • Fire

  • The Victoria bushfires stir SWL's memory

  • The Stretcher

  • Scores from the last issue, and a final pre-eviction challenge


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