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A lone soldier against an industrial landscape.

Firestorm – Episode 1 Part 2

An audio book written and narrated by Terran and produced by 2legs, with additional music by Roymondo. To hear this episode, click on this link to the h2g2 Aviators website.

'Mr Boach, we've had concerned reports from parents... About your methods,' said the assistant headteacher.

'My methods? I don't understand,' said Boach.

The assistant head looked down at some reports on his desk.

'Your rifle. I believe it's a family heirloom?'

'That's correct. It was my great, great, great grandfather's,' stated Boach.

'Quite, quite. Well, some parents feel it's not safe, in this day and age, to have a weapon around children.'

Boach looked surprised.

'Not safe? It doesn't work.'

'Well that's as may be, but I fear that we can't be shown having weapons around children.'

'Why? Kids need to know about their history, and what better way than to use a real life piece of history?'

The assistant head teacher sighed and shook his head.

'Behind a glass case where it's safe that's fine, but I believe you've been demonstrating how it can be used.'

Boach looked seriously annoyed.

'But surely that can't be of harm to them?'

'Look Mr Boach – Karl – I'm sure you're intending to make things more interesting for the students, but school just doesn't work like that these days.'

Boach wondered why school wasn't supposed to be fun, and was going to voice it, but something held him back.

'All I'm saying is, that you keep things a little more low key so that none of the parents are upset, and we can cover our backs. Okay, Mr Boach, you can go.'

With that the assistant head put his head down and got back to writing another report. Karl Boach was still sitting when the assistant head did this, so it felt a little like he'd suddenly become invisible. He thought he'd better complete the job and leave the office altogether.

When outside, Boach let out a heavy sigh.

'The poor kids, how are they supposed to learn?' he thought.

He went back to his class which he had already been late for. Thankfully, Talia had already let the students in, and relatively calmed them down.

'Right class...,' said Boach. As he was about to take the register, he noticed Kevin wasn't there.

'Where's Kevin?' inquired Boach. This was highly unusual, Kevin was always on time.

'Some bloke was talking to him before, outside the front gate.' said one of the lads in the class.

'A bloke?' Boach's eyes roared into life.

'Yeah, probably something to do with that children's home Kevin's in,' said a girl matter-of-factly.

Kevin had lost his parents a couple of years earlier in a fire, so since then – with no other living relatives – he had been in a children's home.

Boach and Talia looked at each other, and both mentally indicated that they had to run after him. Boach was going trying to think of the best way of dealing with the class, but instead just ran out, quickly followed by Talia. The class just sat there, looking at the open door which was still rattling from being slammed aside. One of the students threw a scrunched-up piece of paper, and then chaos ensued...

Outside the front of the school Kevin was being told he had to get in a van.

'Shouldn't I finish off the school day first?' said Kevin.

'I've got the letter here, Kevin, to prove it. We've got to take all the children back to Chanthose hall. And when a recall happens, there's not a lot we can do.'

'Recall? That can't be right,' said Kevin.

'You're a bright boy, I know. I know you've only known me a couple of weeks but we need you back there now. Otherwise erm... They might have to throw you out.' suggested the man.

'Throw me out!?' shouted Kevin, 'I've got nowhere else to live! My mum and dad are dead!'

'I'm sorry but those are the rules.' He indicated the van, and opened the side door.

Kevin, clearly not happy, got into the van. Just as he closed the door he noticed two figures running his way. He squinted at them. He didn't recognise them, but obviously they were concerned about a young boy being taken in the back of a van. He'd already shown the paperwork to the reception, so none of the other people were concerned. Red tape: with sufficient amounts of it, you can do wonders...

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