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The thirty-sixth page of Past Issue links with a brief description of some, but by no means all,
the excellent articles featured.

  • 19.02.09

    Poetry from the Stretcher contestants is supplemented by a collection of cabbage poems. The aviated Firestorm adventure continues, and there's more audio-visual delights in Take it to the Max. King Bomba joins the illustrious cartoonists, and gives a taster of what's to come. Gnomon dissects how to write a Guide Entry, while Icy North looks at entries which have been referenced in the wider world.

  • 05.03.09

    A thought-provoking poem from dmitri, and a controversial wildlife issue is discussed by Websailor. TonsilRevenge continues to explore why there aren't more cartoonists, but Galaxy Babe has some lovely pictures of green comet Lulin, and guidance on where to see it. JimCracker joins the army, and following a suggestion of his, there's now an h2g2 Post Readers' Forum!

  • 19.03.09

    There's a mini-world tour in this edition: Phred continues his caravan tour of the United States, there's a South African adventure, and Frenchbean needs a freezer to contain all the delicious food she's prepared from local produce in New Zealand. She also shares with us her recipe for toasted muesli. The acrostic poem is IGNORE, but we'd never ignore dmitri, who joins the rank of the cartoonists. Demon Drawer sums (or sups) up Guinness in 45 words (or possibly seconds). Congratulations to Opti on getting her Post Reporter badge, but comiserations to the first Stretcher evictees.

  • 02.04.09

    What a day some people are having! Minichessemouse puts her day into verse, while B'Elana recounts a not-so-pleasant day after a burglary, and does so in the style of a Stretcher challenge, with every last word in each sentence containing a double letter. She uses her Random Ramblings column to alert readers to Malabarista's special incentive of providing art work to accompany Guide Entries. Awix reviews one of the latest releases at the cinema, Beatrice introduces her new baby, and Nigel gives some timely gardening hints. Opti interviews lil to find out what an ACE does, and TonsilRevenge's cartoon sparks a discussion on art teachers.

  • 16.04.09

    There's all manner of transport in this issue: we hop aboard the Caledonian Express, weather some stormy seas on dmitri's houseboat, admire the Fermanagh lakelands from the pillion seat of Beatrice's bike, and join Leo preparing to pound the streets of Miami in a half-marathon. Rich flies to The Gambia and meets up with some old friends. Malabarista and King Bomba are welcomed to the team as Post Artists, and help to display a beautiful painting of an owlet from Marauding Pillowcase. There's a whole anthology of poems, and h5ringer searches out musical signatures.

  • 30.04.09

    Sad farewells and new beginnings co-incide with h2g2's 10th birthday. The sudden death of pheloxi brought the whole community together, and a memorial wall records the special memories that researchers had of him. B'Elana, dmitri and 2legs collaborate words, music and picutres - and a moral - in the Moritat song, and Tibley Bobley contributes an evocative poem, Birth of River. Smudger gets to work on the Royal Yacht, while the Cavaliers are back in action. Amy records baby Notepad's arrival, and Phred finishes his caravan tour of the United States. And a whole new set of smilies are unveiled.

  • 14.05.09

    The London Meet's been held, and B'Elana gives her version of events. SeaMerlin starts his voyage on the good ship Motley, while Rich's experience with touts in The Gambia is unsettling. Gnomon goes through a purple patch, and Prof's Kitchen Wars saga comes to an end.

  • 28.05.09

    On top of making us laugh in The Stretcher challenge, dmitri and Tibely Bobley find time to tell some gripping stories. Rich faces a different sort of challenge in a tennis match in The Gambia, and, sporty fella that he is, gives a report on what he says was the best day of his life, which unsurprisingly involves cricket. B'Elana's round-up of hootoo happenings contains the exciting news that video clips can now be embedded in Guide Entries. And there are lots of pictures to marvel at in Websailor's badger watch, and in Galaxy Babe's journal of the London Meet.

  • 11.06.09

    It's Pierce the Pirate's turn to describe the London Meet, while AlsoRan80 casts her mind back even further and reminsices about a plane crash in Tanganika. There's tropical sophistication of sorts from The Stretcher contenders and a beautiful picture of some African wildlife. Closer to home, Malabarista and King Bomba begin their tale of adventures in Ireland, while out in space Anarchy Gordon is at the altar, and there's an alternative ending for the Hitchhiker's Guide. Gnomon speculates if Dr Who could be related to Sauron, and Opti interviews Icy North about Entry of the Month,

  • 25.06.09

    This colourful edition has illustrated poems on bees, summertime, and change, and heralds the start of a series of stunning Mandalas. Galaxy Babe looks at the wonders of lunar and solar eclipses (hopefully wearing the correct eye protection), and Smudger struggles with his to-do list. SWL gives the lowdown on doorstep campaigning, and Frenchbean finds that laughter is indeed the best medicine.

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