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Posted: 14th May 2009



An Appeal... Or Two

For those of you who missed the Eds' Announcement last week, there was some excellent news for h2g2 last week as Aviators clips have been embedded in Edited Guide Entries. As you may be aware, this has been a long-standing interest of mine, and for me personally it was great to see clips actually on the Entries for the first time.

At the moment there are limitations. Clips can only be shown when they're hosted on YouTube, and the Eds can only apply the tags themselves to Edited and Help Pages. Even so, it's great to see them, and I'm hopeful that the Eds will find a way for us to embed audio clips and to find a way for us to show Aviated Post articles in their full glory.

So what's this got to do with The Post? Well, one of the things Natalie mentioned was that we could look at ways of getting the
Beeblecast embedded, and one of my long-term goals for The Post was to have a regular supply of audio and AV clips to accompany our articles. Recently, we've been quite lucky, with Beatrice's animated sequence accompanying her Max column, B'Elana's song, and of course the brilliant Firestorm series by Terran and 2legs. It would be great for this to continue, and if anyone does have any ideas for things we can do please do get in touch.

More specifically, though, we're looking for people to help by volunteering their voices for the second part of Firestorm. We envisage this as a full-on radio play, more akin to the Hitchhikers radio series than anything we've ever attempted before, but for that we need volunteers to voice some of the parts for us. If you're keen, please email me at rich[at]h2g2aviators[dot]com and I'll give you more details.

Finally, for those of you at the London Meet, we are on the look-out for any amusing pictures you may have for a possible caption competition. Please email us if you have any that you think might be suitable. I understand a cracking time was had by all, and it's great to see them being so well-supported. I may even join you again one of these days...

Deadline for copy for the next issue is Sunday 24th May. In the meantime, enjoy this issue of The Post!





















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