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Posted: 30th April 2009



A Number of Announcements

There has been great deal of joy around the site over the last couple of weeks, and no small amount of sadness, too. For these reasons, good and bad, this Editorial will pretty much write itself, and I'm not going to talk about this issue itself very much at all.

I'm deeply saddened to report, for those of you who haven't heard, that Researcher pheloxi died on Sunday, 19th April. It's at times like this that one realises that h2g2 isn't really bigger than any of us; that behind each of these screen names is a person with a family and friends and all the love that entails. It is perhaps something worth remembering when things get a little fractious on-site; pheloxi himself was certainly someone who knew the value of the smiley - peacesign. He will be sadly missed but fondly remembered, as you will see reading a few of the articles this week, and we've put together a special Memorial Wall (in 'Features' below) for you to add your memories to if you so wish. It's a fitting way to remember someone who was very special to many of us.

You may remember that I reported back in February that Amy Pawloski gave birth to a bouncing baby girl, Kenna Grace, on the 16th. Well, Amy has kindly stopped watching her gurgle for long enough to write an article for us about the event, so I'm delighted to be able to report the news again. Congratulations once again to you and Tom, Amy!

There's also a wedding in the air, as Z and Ben have decided to tie the knot up in Orkney in the summer. About blinkin' time, I say. Congratulations to you both; you were two of the people I really looked up to when I joined the site, and I'm sure I speak for everyone when I say I hope you spend many happy years together.

And, as you may have noticed, on Tuesday it was the tenth anniversary of h2g2's creation (yes, I know, it's more correct to call it a birthday, but if I say 'anniversary' I have the full set). To celebrate, the Community Artists, led by the indefatigable Malabarista, have released a new set of smileys. They look fantastic1, so well done to all concerned. The Eds also gave us some news in a h2g2 is Ten! announcement and asked for your thoughts in a Talking Point. And we were also the main feature on the BBC Homepage, for a while at least.

It's been quite a week all round.

There's just time to tell that in this issue, B'Elana has been working very hard with 2legs to create a wonderful song, which you can hear on the Aviators website (linked from the '...Moritat?' article below), benjaminpmoore is looking for volunteers to help out with the next part of 'Whatever Next?', and the Stretcher contestants really need your votes to help them stay in the competition.

Take care of yourselves. The next deadline is Sunday 10th May, which coincidentally is a birthday shared by me, Psychocandy, Sid Vicious, Maureen Lipman, Bono and John Wilkes Booth. Until then, enjoy this issue of The Post!












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