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It was... Wait, sorry I can't remember, it's been too long. I'm just going to have to quickly save this entry as a draft and go and check when it was. Be right back.smiley - run

Right, blimey! It's AGES since Whatever Next hit your screens (monitors, whatever...) for the last time back in November 2008. Since that time, of course, a lot has changed. It's now 2009. But Whatever Next... Assuming I can keep my Internet connection alive long enough and persuade anybody at all to help me, is back. So what's new?

The Changes

Well, not much. I thought it went pretty well really. I have just two changes in mind. Firstly, although we're sticking with the five entries per episode, but it is only essential to use three. Use five if you wish, please try and integrate them in whatever way suits you best. A direct change in the plot, a random sideline, a read herring, whatever. But refer to at least three, please, in such a way that you need to have at least skimmed the actual entry.

Secondly, is that I'd love to have a shadow team of people able to pick up the baton and fill in where a scheduled writer finds real life is taking over. If some of you could consider that, I would be grateful.

So – is anyone interested? Please sign up now for:

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The next episode will be based on a minimum of three of the following five entries, selected by the Post Team with the Infinite Improbability Drive:

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