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Posted: 25th June 2009



Allzeit Bereit

The above is the German equivalent of a motto1 which is well known the world over. I've only ever had hand-me-down PCs, those which no other family member wanted to keep; they bought newer, faster models. For some odd reason, my PCs always break down in Post weeks, and not just any odd Post week, but preferably those weeks when Rich isn't there and I'm in charge. So far, it has always panned out in the end, with the team on 'standby' for the worst case scenario which fortunately hasn't happened – yet. But living with the fear of PC failure has taught me one thing : to be prepared (surprisingly, this only works when it's Post related, I'm otherwise completely unorganised and messy). So when Rich emailed on Monday night to tell us that his internet connection had broken down (the email was sent from his mobile phone, in case you wondered), I remained relaxed. I had prepared everything I possibly could prepare, and so had the team. It was nice being able to tell Rich that everything was being taken care of, and that he needn't worry. I guess I still got on the team's nerves by inquiring about A pages and titles and what else it needs to prepare the Post issue. But for me, it's all part of the 'being prepared', so that there will be a Post even if my PC crashes the very last minute, or I have a migraine, or...or...
I imagine a lot of people would be disappointed if they woke up and there was no new Post, so I hope you'll be just as delighted as I am that this is not the case.

On to other things. Malabarista and King Bomba have been very busy hunting for all the artwork (created for Edited Guide Entries by the Community Artists) which wasn't listed anywhere. It is an amazing wealth they've found, and you can see the result at the Art Library they've set up. Please, pop over there and have a look. And if you know of other artwork which you think is not mentioned there or in the official picture library, please tell them so (preferably with a link to the picture).

Now all that's left to say, is that our next deadline is Sunday, 5th July. Enjoy this colourful issue of the Post.










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1It's the scouts' motto: Be Prepared, if you haven't figured it out yourself.

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