First Love

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First Love

Cur is walking slowly to school, singing along to his iPod.

'Du du du-du-du! DA-DA!!!'

Rinen skips out of the side street to catch up with him.

'You still wetting your pants over last night's episode, Cur? ... Start walking lazy bum!'

'Heck, yeah!... What 7th grader wouldn't be? I mean like; PEW! PEW! And BANG! WHOOSH!'

Cur begins jumping around re-enacting a scene from last night's episode of his favourite show. Taking cover behind a dustbin... Peering over the top, aiming...

'I mean, didn't you like it Rinen?'

Rinen suddenly re-enacts the scene in which the good guy grabbed the bad guy's arms, pulling them up behind his back. Of course she is using her good friend Cur as the bad guy...

'Well, I thought this scene would have been perfect for us, because like this, I can make you submit to my every whim, slow poke.' she murmurs in his ear.

'Eww! You're starting to sound like a girl again! I mean like you wanna do something like this to me...'

Cur suddenly turns his head and kisses her on the cheek, at which she blushes and lets go.

'Or this!'

Suddenly, Cur steps behind her and, in the usual clumsy, flirting way of boys, lifts the skirt of her uniform.

'Oh my pink polka-dots Rinen? No...'

Cur puts on a high feminine voice...


Rinen reacts in almost the speed of light, as Cur finds himself flying backwards. Rinen might seem like a fragile girl, but she can certainly defend herself... And her honour!

'I'm not waiting for you to get back up, just so you know!'

'Please, w-w-wait for a sec... Rinen?'

Cur begins to choke, which makes Rinen run back to him.

'A-are you okay, Cur?'

Yeah, better than okay. The view is great down here!'

Muttering curses, Rinen kicks out at his legs, and then stomps off into the school yard.

...'And that is why, even though their skin is actually black, they look white. Now, remember the 500 word report on polar bears is due tomorrow at the beginning of class, no exceptions, the rest of the time is yours class.'

The teacher returns to his desk, and with a sigh, begins marking the homework from the previous lesson.

In the corridor a group of boys huddle in a corner, whispering. Now and again, voices rise from their midst:


'And what then?'

'He did that with her?! In middle school!?'

'And then she what??'

'I can't believe they actually went to the live tour with all the little kids! It must have been embarrassing no matter how big a fan they are!’

The group laughs loudly!

‘You made my day, Cur! Tell him I said he's got the balls!

'Hey Rai! Over here!'

Rinen calls to her friend as she nears the stairwell.

'Me and Cur are going to work on the report tonight, wanna join us? I could use another girl, since men never really do anything we want them to ya know?'

'Okay, I'll bring my boyfriend and we'll make it a double date!'

'D-d-date? W-w-we aren't d-d-d-d-dating.'

'Really? Sorry you two are just so close an' all... Mind if I bring him anyways?'

'Ummm... s-s-sure.'

'See ya, Rinen!'

Rai disappears downstairs in that flat footed manner of all teenagers, ba dump, ba dump, ba dump. It has a strange rhythmic sound to it.

As he approaches, Rinen asks quietly;

U-um Cur?

'Yeah, Strawberry?' He winks at her and smiles.

'Do you think it looks like we're going out?' She blushes deeply.


This slight hesitation makes her blush even more!

'Maybe a little... M-maybe we should, if we look like we are... M-maybe...'

Cur tries to appear cool as he leans against the wall, even though he can feel his face burning!


Suddenly he's saved by the school bell... ‘RRRRRIIIIIIINNNNNGGGG’ followed by the tutor coming out of the class room...

'Come along... Off home with you! Don’t forget reports, maths and spelling, got it?

‘Yes, Sir!’

'There 512 words on mine!'

'532 here!'

'498, 499, 500, 501 here!'


There's a groan and the sound of paper tearing.

'... Cur?'

'Yes, Rinen?'

'You forgot the part about why they look white even though they are actually black, idiot!'

'I think I slept through that part...'

She playfully slaps Cur.

'See, I told you that you guys look like a couple!' said Rai.

This causes the young couple to blush furiously.

'Really?' asks Rinen.

'Really?' asks Cur.

'Yeah!' agree Rai and her boyfriend Creen.

The couple suddenly move around, which ensures that Rinen and Cur were squished together on the sofa.



'I mean look at you two blushing... Oh, goodness! Creen we're gonna be late for the movie! Sorry to leave before hooking you two up but we got the tickets in advance.'

'Thanks for the help and food!' said Creen with a grin.

Then that other teenage phenomenon happens - the door which normally closes quietly, can only been slammed shut… followed by - BA-DUMP!, BA-DUMP!, BA-DUMP!, on the stairs as the pair leave.

'I-I'm gonna take a nap on the couch while you finish up... You can use my notes, but no copying from my report okay?'

Cur nodds, his eyes follow her as she wanders into the other room. He can hear the couch creak as she settles herself down.

He picks up Rinen's notes and begins to re-write his homework.

'Hollow hairs...Light reflection...'

The paper rustles as he gathers his notes together.

'Okay, 500... Right on!'

'Hey Ri...'

As he moves to the doorway, he can hear deep breathing.

Cur enters the room to find Rinen, her long flowing brown hair falling like a waterfall over the edge of a seeming rough green cliff of the couch upholstery. Rinen's smooth body dipped inward on the sides like two peaceful valleys forming an hour glass shape. His eyes wanders to her chest where he notices she was beginning to develop, like two waves beginning to form on the peaceful ocean of her blue shirt.

His eyes down move her body, almost like they have a will of their own. Glancing at her tan capris wrinkling like a desert sands on a day with a light breeze. Then noticing the near perfect form, which always succeeds in pleasing the eyes of males and females alike. Finally his gaze wanders back to her face glancing at the gentle slope of her nose, like half of the world's most beautiful mountain – smoothed and attached perfectly. The eyelids covering, what he knew to be, deep caring brown eyes, and finally, he looks at her lips.

He gives himself a mental slap!

'Snap out of it! She'll be angry if I do... Especially if she's defenceless in her sleep, but...'

He gently walks to the couch and lowering his head, slowly his lips coming closer to hers.

He jerks away...

'No I can't... For one thing she's a lot prettier then I am handsome and... and...'

His head lowers closer to hers once more, his lips but a few hairs widths away from hers.

'So you guys are officially a couple now, Cur?'


'And are going out on dates and stuff?'


So, what made you guys finalize it? Did you kiss?'

'Maybe I kissed Strawberry, maybe I didn't. Why do you need to know Creen?'

'We've been friends since before I can remember. We decided to be each other's best men long ago, and our girlfriends are the same... Just tell me man!'

'Well, it went a little something like this...'

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