What's in a [Vampire] Name? - Part 2: The Slayer Issue

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Buffy and Faith by Jimster

Once Bitten... Twice Written

You've probably already got your vampire name from our previous article...

So, now, with Hallowe'en being around that dark corner, it is time for some more biting links.

Slaying by Numbers

'Roll over Buffy, Faith and Fluffy1, a new generation of slayers are now on h2g2...

There are quite a few slayer related tests/quizzes on the web and, of course, there are also some cool ones on the BBC's Talk Buffy with its compulsory Buffy Random Quotes Generator as a bonus...

I mean... quotes like 'A vampire with a soul? Oh my god, how lame is that?' have to be priceless, really.

By the way, the page also refreshes by itself so you get those randomly generated gems without even having to lift a finger...
Now, that's definitely cool in my book.

But, we were (or I was anyway) talking about tests... so here we go:

The 'Which Season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer Are You?' test gave me this result:

'Season One - You're the beginning of greatness, witty and scary, but a bit on the shallow side.

Don't worry, though, you make up for it with Prophecy Girl, your best episode.'

Well, it's official now: I am a classic...

Back to the BBC Quizzes, I had a go at the 'Villains and Demons' ones...

For the 'Villains' quiz, I got a nice:

'Well Done!

You've finished the quiz.

Your answers were 70 per cent correct.

It isn't quite full marks, but you're still a valued member of the Scooby Gang.'

Yeah, I know, shame on me: I made one or two rather stupid mistakes... I will certainly do better next time.

As for the 'Demons' one I got a... err... erm... never you mind!!!!

I also tried the 'Slayers and Good Guys' quizzes...

I didn't get much with the 'Slayers' one... probably because I watched the TV series for all the wrong reasons, got distracted because of them and missed the plot at times.

I did manage another 70 per cent with the 'Good Guys' one though...
So there is still hope for me somehow.

Now, it is all very well to know about Buffy and the TV show characters, but there was still a test that needed to be taken before going vampire slaying and it had to be one telling us if we could be vampire slayers or not... So I left the BBC site for a little while and went on with my quest...

The 'Could You Be a Vampire Slayer' test seemed conveniently appropriate...

According to that (rather full of lethal typos) test, I am a:

'Wise Cracking member
You can do your fair share of slaying but most of the time you are the comic relief.'

Humph! At least I've got a sense of humour...

'Of the users who took the test and are male and in your age group,
100% scored lower than you.'

That's much much better...

(I wonder what would have happened if I had pretended to be over 100 years old though...)


Here is a musical moment while I add a few useful links for all the wannabe slayers out there:

Pssst... Looking For Your Dream Date?

Nope, I haven't started a dating agency... It's actually a BBCi based game where, after having answered a few questions, you're being told which character from the Buffy TV series is your dream date.

I tried it (of course) and, guess who I have been paired with?

'Congratulations, meet your dream date...

Hey, I'm Buffy and you must be the Prince of Darkness.

When I'm not totally occupied with the slayage of evil, my dream date has a big soul and even bigger arms. Plus poptarts.'

Cool, a dream comes true...

'Now, what outfit should I wear...?'

Erm... I do have a few suggestions but it is a family site after all, so... err... I'll tell you offline if you don't mind.

Oh, I see... Clicking on the link provided took me to a photo gallery with lots of pictures of Buffy.

Hmmm... ok, fair enough, it was only a game after all.

If you want to know who (from the Buffy TV series, that is) is your dream date, click on here and you will find out soon enough.

And, if by any chance, you're not happy with the result, you even have the option of trying again...

One thing though... There seems to be more 'dream boys' than 'dream girls', not that I am complaining or anything, but still...

Are You a Vampire?

Obviously not an evil one if you are a slayer's ally anyway... So you can answer the question honestly without any risk for your life or non-life.

But, if you're not too sure, well... you can find out by trying this fun BBC Quiz.

I did... and got a rather rude 'Eek! You're a vampire! Get away from me, foul fiend of the night.' as a result.

Perhaps I should not have kept my fangs on while doing the quiz...

The Timely Bonus Link

And a loaded one at that... It gives you over thirty trivias to test/try your knowledge on Horror related stuff such as, for example:

Pet Semetary/Psycho, Child's Play, Texas Chainsaw Massacre, Friday The 13th, Halloween, Hellraiser, The Exorcist, The Night of the Living Dead

Stephen King, Edgar Allan Poe, Tim Burton

Addams Family, Munsters

Types Of Vampires, Vampire Bat, Werewolf, Evil Things, Ghostly Facts and Folklore

Voodoo Religion, Fear Of Phobias, Origins Of Halloween

Feeling lucky vamp?...

The page is titled 'Trivia Games For Dead People' and it is worth visiting as, even if you do not take those quizzes, there are quite a few other goodies available on that website...

Very Halloween-ish indeed.

The Other Timely Bonus Link

I have a little present for you guys/vamps... you know, as it's Halloween and all that jazz.

It's a Virtual Halloween Greetings Postcard especially for you lot (I know, I'm becoming soft in my old age) and you can see it by clicking here...

Apologies in advance for the lack of originality with the personal message, but it was a last minute find, so I was in a bit of a rush.

The postcard can only be viewed for 30 days unfortunately, so if you click on the link after the 29th of November, it will probably not be there anymore.

But, that free service could be of great use, and fun as well, for this article's convo though... Just a thought, of course.

Previous 'What's in a Name?' Articles

And It's Good Night From Him...

Got to fly... But I'll be back soon.

Until then, have fun and try to keep away from all kind of pointy objects, ok?

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