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At last a generator that always (well, almost) says something nice about us... and quite a useful one for our personal spaces, homepages, websites, etc too!

Mind you, some of the results can be a bit weird at times...

The Slogan Generator

Really straightforward: you submit the name of your choice and a slogan is generated... and you can choose the one that you feel is the most appropriate for you as, every time you submit the same name, a different slogan appears.

There are also links on that page for two other generators as a bonus.
But, they're featured in this article as well... Just in case.

All you have to do now is click on this link.


My Generated Slogan

It almost made me feel like a Pop Star, it did:

'I Scream, You Scream, We All Scream for Loup.Dargent.'

So I went for some more... and got this one:

'Good Honest Loup.Dargent Since 1896.'

I was not so sure about the date though...

'So Easy, No Wonder Loup Dargent is #1.'

That's more like it...

Others' Generated Slogan

Like for the previously featured generators, I had a go at finding other people's generated slogans and the Post Team, as usual, got the treatment first...

Shazz PRME
'Nobody Does It Like Shazz Prme.'

Greebo T Cat
'Ho Ho Ho, Green Greebo T Cat.'

'Come See the Softer Side of Awix.'

'Dude, You're Getting a Titania!'

'Bet You Can't Eat Wotchit.'

Then, it was the h2g2 Italics' turn to be 'sloganized'...

'With A Name Like Natalie, It Has To Be Good.'

Jim Lynn
'There's Always Room For Jim Lynn.'

'It's Jimster Time.'

'A Paully Works Wonders.'

'Make Every Beth Count.'

The usual political trio got it as well...

Tony Blair
'There Ain't No Party Like A Tony Blair Party.'

George W Bush
'George W Bush - Australian for Beer.'

Jacques Chirac
'Can You Tell Jacques Chirac From Butter?'

Erm... No comment.

The British Movie Titles Generator

This one replaces a word from a British movie title with your name...

Strange results but fun all the same.

My movie title is:

The Loup Dargent Vanished
The Body Vanished (1939, Walter Tennyson)

Click here to see your movie title...

The Proverbs Generator

The name you submit becomes part of a proverb... cool.

Like, for example...


'Better be loup.dargent than sorry.'

I could not agree more...

Find your proverb here...

Tell Us About it

There should be quite a lot of interesting and fun results with those generators... So, don't be shy and share them with us, ok?

Many generated thanks in advance...

Previously Featured Name Generators

Allegedly fun articles with fun convos...

Post Scriptum

If for any reason you can't access the sites featured in these articles, limited Net access being usually the main problem, go to the articles' convos to let us know...

We will gladly find the relevant name/names for you.

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