What's in a Name Acronym?

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'Thou shalt know thy Name Acronym...'

Probably not an extract from a certain well-known book.

The Name Acronym Generator

As you probably already know, ACRONYM stands for 'Abbreviated Coded Rendition Of Name Yielding Meaning'... But, do you know what's your username stands for?

Like for the usual and previous 'What's in a Name? articles, we are featuring one of the many name generators that can be found on the Net... Though this one doesn't generate names but name acronyms instead.

Apart from that slight difference, it's practically the same thing... or, if you prefer, it's a sort of Cyborg Name Generator without the Cyborg references.

Confused? Don't be anymore... Click on this link and everything will

become clear.

Oh and there are a few other tests and stuff there as well as a bonus.

Have fun...

My Name Acronym

According to the Generator, I am all that at the same time:

'Luscious Orderly Unreal Proud Desperate Amorous Rounded Graceful

Exciting Nerdy Temperamental'

Not too sure about D and N but rather spot on for the others I’ll very humbly


Others' Name Acronyms

Interested to know what results the crème de la crème on h2g2 would get with those

generators, I conscientiously carried on the way I've always done in the previous articles.

The results for the Post Team are as follows...

'Sloppy Hardworking Accurate Zany Zany Philosophical Radical Magical


Greebo T Cat:
'Good Radical Entertaining Excellent Brainy Outrageous Tender Cranky Amazing


'Ambivalent Warm Intelligent X-BoxHueg'

'Temperamental Influential Technological Arty Neglected Innocent


'Warm Orderly Twisted Charismatic Handsome Intelligent


The ones for the Italics are…

'Neglected Astounding Terrific Appealing Loving Insane


Jim Lynn:
'Jealous Inspirational Mushy Light Yucky Noisy Noisy'

'Juicy Irresistible Magical Strong Tempting Easy Rich'

'Painful Amazing Unforgettable Legendary Lucky Yucky'

'Boisterous Elitist Technological Hot'

Back by popular demand (well, Quizzical's demand anyway...), the usual political trio gets the

treatment too...

Tony Blair:
'Trustworthy Overwhelming Normal Yummy Brainy Little Altruistic Ideal


George W Bush:
'Glamorous Earthy Orderly Raw Gentle Enjoyable Worldly Boisterous Unnatural Spunky


Jacques Chirac:
'Juicy Adventurous Crazy Quiet Useful Emotional Spunky Cuddly Humorous Important

Rounded Accurate Confused'

The jury will probably be out for quite a long time regarding those political leaders' results


The Name-Calling Acronym Generator

It does what it says on the tin... You type a name (but not if it's longer than seven letters though)

and you get a relatively insulting acronym.

The result I got for LOUP is:

'Limp Oddity, Upbringer of Philanthropy'

Not too bad I suppose...

So, if you want to have a go at this one, the link to click on is here.

The Acronym Test

Yep, there is even a test for that too... It's called 'What Internet Acronym Are you?' and, well, I won't tell you my

results1. That's how bad it is,


It's so bad that this link warrants a code red emergency disclaimer regarding myself/The

Post/h2g2/the BBC and anyone else (including the person who programmed it probably) not being

responsible whatsoever for whatever results you will get if you choose to take that test...

In short: you've been warned... ok?

The Acronym Translator

If all those BRBs, AFAIKs, IMHOs, ASAPs or even ASLs confuse you when you come across them,

have no fear... a solution is at end.

You can now install a nifty gizmo, if you use Internet Explorer and Windows that is, which will

translate all those darn landlubbin'2 acronyms for you

when you highlight them.

It's free and can be found


The Acronym Related Musical Moment

There is at least one song with an acronym in its title that became famous...
Listen to this link and you will know

which one I mean.

Tell Us About It

You didn't think that a slight change in the title and in the kind of generator being featured this

week would mean no feedback from you, did you?

You know the drill by now, so don't be shy and do please let us know your results... Ok?

Thanks in advance and, of course, TTFN...

Further Acronyms Related Readings

Hey, a theme is a theme is a theme etc...

Plus, they're 'in house' (as in: Edited Guide) Entries.

Previously Featured Name Generators

Allegedly fun articles...

Loups Archive


23.09.04 Front Page

Back Issue Page

1I still can't understand how my Internet Acronym could be 'ASL' after

the very carefully chosen answers I gave there... Hmmmph!!!
2Oooops... That was a lasting side-effect

from the 'International Talk Like A Pirate Day' there...

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