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Posted: 23rd September 2004


Entertaining the masses.

Well it has certainly been a fortnight full of culture of sorts both here in Alphen and on h2g2. A week last Sunday I found myself stripped naked and being covered in extremely cold body paint. Foolishly I had agreed to help out with a promotional calendar - probably after a few beers! Thankfully, especially for those brave souls who decide to buy the thing, the process of being covered with a sheet to take an imprint does result in a very obscure image so my natural modesty remains more-or-less intact. Suffice it to say that a group of girls, an improvised boudoir and multi-coloured paint pots did lead to quite a lot of giggling - the screams reverberating through the building emanated from the cold shower.

This adventure was followed on Wednesday by the annual Jaarmarkt. This is a time for schoolchildren to enjoy fairground rides and the adults to set up stalls and sell their wares without fear of reprisal from the police or tax department. It was certainly a fun day and I cycled home around 5am after a great night Deejaying. With barely time to recover Friday loomed and another live band evening in Het Kasteel. The hair-flouncing of the previous week's gothic band, After Forever, was replaced by the staider long tresses of Lana Lane and Erik Norlander. It was an impressive night and TowelMaster has written an informed critique for those of you interested in progrock. Saturday was back to the turntables for me as I prove just how ancient I am by playing music ranging from way back in the 60s up to the 90s for the Easy Tune night - theme this time 'The Black Edition'. Summer is certainly over, Autumn has begun and the party season is already in full swing!

Meanwhile, back on h2g2, most hootooers were looking forward to the start of the new radio series. This led to a quite unusual request filtering through from Scotland... if you missed what this was then you can find out more in this edition. There are a few gaps this week; MaW and HPB proffer apologies and promise to return next week, Hypatia is very busy and will be writing her column only fortnightly and Awix is worryingly absent. Don't panic, though, as your Post is still stuffed to the gills with goodies.



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