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I'm sorry, but, have I met your wife?

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Time has a curious way of spreading and contracting itself, often for no reason. Unlike a metal, it is not affected by temperature. Sometimes a year takes a decade to end, sometimes a day that happened thirty years ago seems like yesterday.

Time also has a way of diluting or concentrating thoughts. Experience makes words and images have a meaning that youth cannot always perceive or impart. Boredom or sameness, perhaps over years, can take idealism and turn it into simple skepticism.

The Bill of Fare:

(insert creative description of entry here)
A World Without Death.

No, but I think I knew your Grandmother's horse...

(Insert creative lying here)
Hieronymus, Prince of Quarkness
The Medicalization of Death.

Errata, errata, earrat

(Insert creative writing here)
Esty and Coren
Slash Fanfiction.

Boojum, flrotumy

(insert attribution of crime here) This week's collation was begged, borrowed or stolen from various places on this site.

Just goes to show what you can find when you're not looking.

I don't have a sister. You must mean my cat's therapist.

The boilerplate:

(Insert bizarre banality here)

We wouldn't do it without you.

The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you!smiley - smiley - smiley -

This (whatever it is) inspected and rejected by smiley - smiley - (tonsil revenge)!

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