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  • 05.08.04

    This week we see the start of MaW's brand new series 'Unfinished History', and the end of the current 'X-Philes' story.

    If you think you can come up with quirky or thought-provoking sayings then why not drop by the h2g2 Philosophical Society and share them?

    The Post reaches new heights as our mountaineer tackles Curbar, Reinhard climbs the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Smudger sees a human cannonball at first hand. This seems vaguely appropriate seeing as today is Atomic Bomb Day in the US and clowns are celebrated worldwide this week... a fact not missed by Quizzical.

    Also new this week is 'The Ramblings of a Hunchback' by Asmodai dark.

  • 12.08.04

    Those of our readers lucky enough to have a clear sky this week had the chance to see the Perseid meteor shower.

    Awix dissects the film 'I, Robot', HPB goes in search of Michael Palin and Egon reviews late night television.

    Loup.dargent warns us about mobile phone guns while Reefgirl returns with a new 'X-Philes' story.

    'Sport on Record' is back, this time with a look at Paul Gascoigne's musical career.

    Mr Inquisitor meets Summer Bay Exile, Master B shares his recipe of Jerk Chicken Wraps with us and the Cranky Gardener gives advice on ponds and water gardens.

  • 19.08.04

    Bravely defying time outs and server problems The Post this week presents a new thought provoking column by Demon Drawer; 'Tangental Thoughts'.

    We also see the start of an exciting new series, 'Grey's Matter', by SupremeEarthworm.

    Find out your Cyborg acronym name, courtesy of loup.dargent who also tries to find an answer for the question 'Is my next door neighbour a vampire?'.

    Mike_Penny returns with 'Blind Justice', this time debating the deed to depict a statue of Justice as a prostitute.

    We also say welcome back to Lucky Star and her 'Murder on the Dance Floor'.

  • 26.08.04

    This if the final week of the Caption Competition with photos from the unofficial London summer meet.

    Loup.dargent offers a new acronym name game, this time you get to find out your Smurf name.

    The endurance racing team has reached the final race of the championship and we see the start of a new series; 'The Legacy of Terry Horowitz' by Terran.

    Shazz serves another helping of recipes for delicious home made ice cream and Smudger tells us about a life boat drill - in free fall!

  • 02.09.04

    New this week is WOTeva, a newsletter for young teens in and around h2g2. If you are one of our younger readers - or young at heart - why not pop over and say hello.

    We see the first episode of a new series 'Night of The Hoover' by Moonglum and Deus ex Machina.

    Mr Inquisitor interviews The Rev Jack Russell, but somehow the interview doesn't quite turn out the way the interviewer had planned.

    We get the results for the sixth and last Caption Competition.

    Another name game - this week loup.dargent asks us for our vampire name.

    Batty serves us a recipe for Auntie Bat's Spice Cookies and the Cranky Gardener considers becoming a lasagna gardener, served with a side dish of potato omelette.

  • 09.09.04

    Hypatia remembers 9/11 and gives us a moving account of her memories from that terrible day.

    The Duke of Dunstable has visited the H2G2 Movie Set to meet with the executive producer Robbie Stamp and gives us a detailed report.

    BazMcStay gives us a preview of the Ryder Golf Cup, loup.dargent provides us with another name game and Greebo proudly presents the new Champion of the Word Play; Pimms Lettuce.

  • 16.09.04

    Looking forward to the 'Talk Like A Pirate Day' loup.dargent supplies us with not one but in fact several pirate name generators - arr!

    We see the start of a new series of articles from Blue Bird titled 'Hawaiian Fun'.

    In The Post Room 101 asmodai dark broods over Irish beers, boy racers and BBC coverage of judo.
    Greebo starts a new round of the Word Play, Master B samples products for easy cooking and The Cranky Gardener advises us on garden planning.

  • 23.09.04

    TowelMaster gives us a concert review of Lana Lane and Erik Nordlander while loup.dargent entertains us with yet another name game - this time with acronym generators.

    Traveller in Time provides us with a transcript of BBC Radio Scotland interviewing Jim Sangster about h2g2.

    Blue Bird arrives at Honolulu airport, LLLWaz climbs to the 'Roof of the Sky' and Post Room 101 is looking for submissions for your pet hates.

  • 30.09.04

    More Hawaiian rambling with Blue Bird, and ramblings of a different kind as Asmodai Dark waxes lyrical about his toy soldiers.

    There's a feast of poetry and prose, more lexicographical legerdemaine from loup.dargent, Greebo poses two quizzes, and several a/k/a random gives us another sports roundup.

    Quizzical has a cow, man, the Reverend Jack treats us to another diary excerpt, and Lucky Star recounts her experiences in the realm of tartdom.

  • 07.10.04

    Pseudemys' adventures in endurance racing reach their grand finale, Reefgirl begins another of her X-Philes tales, and Munchkin continues in his boozy oafish life.

    MaW's Unfinished History progresses, Hussassan lets us know what's really going on with those mobile phone things, and Hoopy Frood spins another Post Fable.

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