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'After the, already featured in The Post, Cyborg and Smurf Name Generators, the Vampire Name one had to be added to the list somehow.

Even if it was just for the website's look for a start...'

Extract from Loup d'Argent (unpublished) Memoirs.

The Name Generator

Yep, I like the look of that Vampire Name Generator's website...

It does go well with the theme and gives a kind of 'Buffy-verse' feeling.

The results are also a bit different from the ones we've got with the previous Name Generators...

Not only we get a Vampire name, but, also, another name we're known by and a description.

Kind of 'three results for the price of one' there...

Not a bad bargain in my book.

(Another nice touch worth mentioning is that there is also a PDA Friendly version for that webpage...)

While names with more than eleven letters are not excluded, you will still have to submit a first name and a family name as well as clicking on the relevant Woman or Man button for the transformation to work.

Apart from that, it is rather straightforward and, once you've followed the instructions, Loup is, as usual and once again, your uncle.

As long as you've clicked on this link that is...

My Vampire Name

I typed my first name as Loup and family one as d'Argent, which I thought was rather appropriate after having used it for the 'Is My Next Door Neighbour A Vampire?' article.

The first part of the result was rather satisfying as I got the quite fitting 'Marquis of Night'.

It was followed with another name by which I'm supposed to be known in some other dark parts of the World: 'Hierophant of The Hungry'... and the description from the Great Archives Record saying that I am:

'One of the poor who howl at the door of the Rosary and the garlic strung cross.'

(Er... Yeah, whatever...)

Others' Vampire Names

Like for the Cyborg and Smurf Name articles1, I carried on with the idea to have a go at other people's names (after adapting some of the usernames accordingly) and see how they'd look with their new vampire identity...

So, I followed the same format than for the other articles and the Post Team got the Vampire Name treatment first:

    ShazzPRME(Shazz PRME): 'Sorceress of Trannsylvania'.

    Also known as 'Epona of Bats and Shadows'.

    Description: 'Slipping amongst the shadows, flitting between dark places, always quiet.'

    Greebo T Cat (Greebo TCat): 'High Priestess of Flesh'.

    Also known as 'Seductress of Romania'.

    Description: 'Brought back from the dead too late: a dumb and zombie-like vampire which hunts any blood.'

    Awix(Aw Ix2): 'Jack Crowley'.

    Also known as 'Tiger of Beggars and Lepers'.

    Description: 'Amongst the lowest of the low you will find this one travelling.'

    Wotchit (Wotch It): 'Tsar of India'.

    Also known as 'Tiger of All Thieves'.

    Description: 'You cannot trust this thief - of gold, of hearts, of many things.'

Of course, in the good old Hootoo tradition mentioned in the previous articles, the current h2g2 Italics got the Vampire treatment as well:

    Natalie(Nat Alie): 'High Priestess of All Russia'.

    Also known as 'Demeter of Raven's Wings'.

    Description: 'A dark one, ancient, who flies free above all others.'

    Jim Lynn: 'Emperor of Angels'.

    Also known as 'Consort of The Highway Thieves'.

    Description: 'Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway - takes blood too.'

    Jimster(Jim Ster): 'Hanzi Maundrell'.

    Also known as 'Haunt of The Highway Thieves'.

    Description: 'Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway - takes blood too.'

    Paully(Paul Ly): 'Caesar d'Angoulême'.

    Also known as 'Thor of Russia'.

    Description: 'The scourge of Russia - insane and dangerous!'

While still ardently praying that I will hopefully survive that third flying visit in a row to the Editors' offices, I had the usual go at the political names' area:

    Tony Blair: 'Samuel Drown'.

    Also known as 'Scourge of The Winged Death'.

    Description: 'Comes on silent wings in the night and wraps a deadly cloak about the victim; impartial as a die, unyielding as stone.'

    George W Bush: 'High Priest of The Ghastly'.

    Also known as 'Scourge of The Ghast'.

    Description: 'Of ghastly appearance, gaunt and white and gothic.'

    Jacques Chirac: 'Hanzi West'.

    Also known as 'Zeus of The Highway Thieves'.

    Description: 'Takes more than gold from the rich on the highway - takes blood too.'

Let Us Know Your Findings

If you have read the previous Name Generators related articles, you already know the score...

But I will still remind you, just in case: type your name, your username or even someone else's name/username and, most important of all: don't be shy and do please share your result(s) with us...

Thanks in advance (or should it be fangs?) from your local 'Marquis of Night'...

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1Respectively (and rather cleverly I must add) titled 'What's In A [Cyborg] Name?' and 'What's In A [Smurf] Name?'...2I tried 'A Wix' but that didn't work...

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