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Posted: 28th October 2004

Pumpkin by Wotchit

Oh Mother!

The saga of my computer continues. What was originally thought to be hexed hard drive syndrome soon turned into a poorly processor problem and finally an attack of the moping motherboard. We've admitted defeat. A couple of years ago, when barely one year old, it was returned to where we bought it after it stopped functioning. According to them it had possibly been struck by lightning - which was odd given the lack of storms at the time. Still, it came back and behaved itself reasonably well. This time it went to a more tech-aware place for diagnostics and they were pretty damning about the state of its innards. I'm not au fait with the intimate workings of a computers delicate gizzards but, apparently, the previous repair had been undertaken shoddily; things hadn't been connected correctly and the dual fans were competing with each other to see which could deposit the most dust and cat hairs within the tower. In other words, the one which should have been blowing things out was stolidly pushing them back in. Despite regularly (night) hoovering its behind there was enough wool inside to knit a chunky Arran sweater if I'd so desired. No wonder it was struggling, poor thing. It must have been sweltering in the extra hot summer we enjoyed this year. So, given that the fans are supposed to keep everything nice and cool, it's amazing that my over-heated computer lasted as long as it did. Anyway, thanks to a little judicious financial juggling and a highly recommended shop far to the north, a newish model should arrive sometime soon.
This weekend sees three auspicious occasions. The USA celebrates 'Mother-in-law Day', many countries have some version of Hallowe'en and BST/Daylight Saving ends throughout most of Europe on Sunday. Your Post has busily hollowed out a pumpkin, dressed up in old sheets and found a few trick-or-treats. There are plenty of new items to entertain you and a couple of oldies from our archives. Just in case you missed it we also offer you the Hallowe'en supplement from last year - very chilling!


The Post Special Supplement
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