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You will have probably already seen and checked most of the HHGG related links that are mentioned in this article... after all, it's not like they were not freely and easily available on the BBCi sites and, of course, h2g2.

So, I decided to add some not so much related as well... you know, for good measure like.

[The Not Really Related Links Part]

Which Beer Are You?

We couldn't have a 'What's in a Name?' article without a Name Generator or two being featured or, at least, mentioned in it, so here is one which goes nicely with one of the themes encountered in the Game.

You answer around ten questions and the generator tells you what beer you are.

Simple, straightforward, easy and fun... and it can be found here.

According to it, I'm a Guinness:

'My goodness my Guinness. You are dark and mysterious. There is something people just can't describe about you, besides that you love head. You are a good one, but can only be handled by a small percentage of the population (unless you're in Ireland).'

Once again, I really can't argue with such an accurate result... and I certainly won't try to.

Apocalypse Now Already?

Well, as Earth seemed to be the target of a few inter-galactic races keen on destroying it, a test asking 'Which Post-Apocalyptic Movie Character Are You?' seemed almost appropriate enough...

And my result is:

'You're Jim from 28 Days Later. Well, the world went to hell and you slept through the whole thing! You tend to have a different view of the world and the people in it than others do, you hope for the best and try to feel good about what you have. A lot of time you're trying to do the right thing and be a nice guy while everyone else is running around and doing their own thing. That's sweet and honourable, but always watch your back or else you could get hurt.'

Which Planet Now?

Probably for the same reason than for the above mentioned test,
'Which planet do you belong on?' sounded like a fair question to ask to any inter-galactic hitchhiker...

Here is what I was told:

'Ah... Travel to Neptune. You are the only sane one here, thank you for coming!'

Time For A Name Change?

Not such a bad idea considering... so the Star Trek Alien Name Generator might actually become very handy.

You even have a choice between a Romulan name and a Klingon one! Quite a bargain if I may say so myself.

So don't panic! Just click here
to get that new identity
and hopefully live long and prosper and all that jazz...

My Star Trek Alien Names

My Romulan name is: Delon Argelian

My Klingon name is: Lourn Kargan

Could have been worse I suppose...

Others' Star Trek Alien Names

Yep, you've guessed it, it's time to check how some of h2g2's finest
look or sound in their brand new alien disguises.

Starting, as usual, with the Post Team...

Shazz PRME:
(Romulan)S'harien Argelian
(Klingon)Shenara Aperokei

Greebo T Cat:
(Romulan)Ariennye Deletham
(Klingon)Kee'Bhor Aktuh




And carrying on with the Italics...


Jim Lynn:
(Romulan)Dhiemm Aidoann
(Klingon)B'Ijik Klynn




Let's hope that those names are not rude or anything though...

[The More Related Links Part]

Where's The Link For The Game?

Currently the Hitchhiker's Adventure Game can be accessed through
the h2g2 Front Page.

The main advantage being that while you scroll down the page, you
can also check what's new on Hootoo... quite handy really.

It's not a direct link as it takes you to a BBC/Radio Four page first, but it's worth clicking on it though as there are quite a few other related stuff displayed there.

Of course, you could also click here
to access the game directly
... at the risk of missing out on loads of other cool info though.

Hitchhiker Quizzes

A few Hitchhiker related quizzes worth looking into are also available on other parts of the BBCi... like, for example:

    The Hitchhiker's Trivia Quiz
    Marvin's Trivia Quiz
    The minor characters quiz

And plenty more fun stuff... with some great freebies like a Guide Screensaver and a cool Quote-O-Matic that quotes
memorable Hitchhiker err quotes like this one:

'The other Shaltanac's joopleberry shrub is always a more mauvy shade of pinky-russet.'

Have a look here... and enjoy.

[The Very Related Link Part]

The Hootoo Help/Advice/Hints Page

It has been recently set up by h2g2 Researchers so that anyone playing the Hitchhiker Adventure Game doesn't have to look all over the
place to find the info they need... and, seeing quite a few threads related to the game popping up in various corners of the site, it is definitely a good idea.

'I'd also like to encourage a place where people stuck with the game can come for assistance that gently nudges in the right direction rather than giving great bloody heaves with a bulldozer, so to speak.'

Hints rather than cheats? Yep, that's definitely cool by me.

The page can be found here.

[The Bonus Link Part]

The Wowbagger Insult Generating Program

The cult insult generation program 'Wowbagger'; full name
'The Second Reincarnation of the Final Grandson of Wowbagger the Infinitely Prolonged'.

It is a Windows program with functionality based on the behaviour of the Wowbagger character from the Douglas Adams books.

There is no other program that can generate more insults...

That was straight from the programmer's mouth/keyboard... the program can be downloaded free from here.

You can sample some of the insults here first... I did that and got this:

'Wowbagger understands: You megapodally consanguineous Sasquatch!'

Have fun with it...

[The Usual Ending Part]

Tell Us About it

There should be quite a lot of interesting and fun results with all these links... So, don't be shy and share them with us, ok?

Many thanks in advance...

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