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Apparently, I should move to Neptune.

I really like my Klingon name! Kadra Kellein- gotta love alliteration!

As a Romulan I would be Mandukar Giellun... I don't know why that sounds so funny to me... smiley - rofl


Post 2

Loup Dargent

Neptune as well eh?!... We're going to be neighbours then...smiley - somersault

smiley - rocketsmiley - planetsmiley - moonsmiley - ufo


Post 3

Loup Dargent

>Wowbagger whispers: You punctiliously pustulent opsimath!<

If I knew what that meant I would probably feel insulted...smiley - rofl


Post 4

Kandyman - Keeper of Old Buses

Kandyman's beer is :-
Budweiser. King of Beers. You are as American as they come my friend. Nothing against those pussy light beers or worse yet, imports, but you would rather have a diesel. Now get in your pickup, drive down to the general store and get yourself a rack.
smiley - weird Bud is my smiley - ale - In fact I think I'll just go crack one open.

Post Apocalypse
You're Jim from 28 Days Later. Well, the world went to hell and you slept through the whole thing! You tend to have a different view of the world and the people in it than others do, you hope for the best and try to feel good about what you have. A lot of time you're trying to do the right thing and be a nice guy while everyone else is running around and doing their own thing. That's sweet and honorable, but always watch your back or else you could get hurt.
smiley - cheers

smiley - planet
Ah...Travel to Neptune. You are the only sane one here, thank you for coming!
Jumps into smiley - rocket and blasts off.

Names (using Kandy Man)
Romulan : Ariennye Mandukar
Klingon : Kandel Margon
smiley - cool


Post 5


Heineken. I am from Holland, ishn't that weird? Yesh, yesh, you have a strong personal flavor and some people just don't like you. People who really know you realize that you are one of the best.
(Actually, I'm not a beer at all. I'm a cognac: smooth and expensive. smiley - boing Often found in the vicinity of some rich, dark chcocolate. smiley - smiley)

You belong on the Sun. Only there can you be truly happy. JUST DON'T PUT ME IN THERE AGAIN!
(No surprise there. My idea of the perfect climate: the Outback of Australia, in summer.)

Star Trek Names:
Romulan: Dhivael Dhivael
Klingon: Qua'Lon Qua'Lon
(Apparently I stutter. Or I'm very decisive. smiley - winkeye)

Off to invade a small planet...


Post 6

Loup Dargent

Oh.. another neighbour on Neptune...smiley - cool

I couldn't really go to the Sun... being a smiley - vampire and all...smiley - winkeye

>Apparently I stutter. Or I'm very decisive<

smiley - whistle Apparently my failure to beat the deadline this week meant that I had to cut some corners...smiley - blush and forgot to explain that usernames with only one word get repetitive alien names...smiley - wah

smiley - sorry about that... it won't happen again ["hides crossed fingers behind back"]..smiley - angel

Off to get insulted by "Wobbagger"...smiley - run

smiley - rocketsmiley - moonsmiley - ufosmiley - planet


Post 7

Loup Dargent

...or "Wowbagger" even...smiley - yikes

smiley - rocket

"Wowbagger shouts: You chockingly logorrheaic toff!"

I think I understood that one...smiley - wahsmiley - wah

smiley - silly

smiley - planetsmiley - ufosmiley - moon

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