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Stuck in the Vogon Hold? Keep dying in the mud in front of a bulldozer? Endlessly wandering the corridor of the Heart of Gold?

Don't Panic! is at hand...

Greetings fellow travellers. Welcome to the h2g2 home for conversations about the Hitchiker's Adventure Game. Prompted by the release of the 20th Anniversary edition and a spate of threads on Ask h2g2 we thought it'd be a good idea to have a central point for discussions.

I'd also like to encourage a place where people stuck with the game can come for assistance that gently nudges in the right direction rather than giving great bloody heaves with a bulldozer, so to speak.

Please feel free to start or join in conversations below.

Things you might like to know:

Here is the new Radio 4 version (needs Flashplayer)

The original game was published by Infocom and can be found's online original version1


Don't be afraid to die - you learn all sorts of interesting things this way.

The first six letters of any word is all that is needed.

If you are stuck, read the text very carefully, even if you've been this way before.


If you play the game while you are logged in on h2, then:

  • type 'save'
  • at the prompt type the name you wish to save the game as
  • after that you can type 'restore' to get your list of games.

This will save your games in your personal folder. It pays to exercise some restraint with saving, as saved games cannot be deleted.

Two conversations about this:
from the Radio 4 message board and

from Askh2g2

ASK h2g2 conversations:

This page is under construction, but has to be finished by Sunday smiley - zen
1I quite enjoy the original online version, not least because it is much faster on my computer than the new fancy one.

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