Meet Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer...

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Meet Fluffy The English Vampire Slayer...

'Finding something new for the many Buffy fans on h2g2 was definitely a very difficult challenge somehow, especially with 'Talk Buffy' practically next door to it...

But, I had to try.'

Extract from Loup d'Argent's (unpublished) Memoirs.

Not The Chosen One

With Buffy Summers having been, up to the last season, the chosen one, the possibility for any potential slayer to become the world's saviour and kick lots of demonic and vampiric backsides was very remote to say the least...

Being number eleven on the list, Fluffy Winters1, the slaying English rose, kind of knew somehow that her big day would never happen.

Fortunately, not all demons and vampires were stupid enough to stay in the vicinity of Sunnydale and, even if by doing so they missed the chance to appear briefly on the popular TV show or even bed the former cheerleader, some of them chose to play it safe by keeping as far away from it as possible.

Well, they thought it would be safer anyway...

Welcome To Sunningdale

Sunningdale is a town situated in the South of England, and Fluffy is that town's protector against the forces of evil.

Like the other slayer, she has her own Watcher, Ted Farmer - an American who can't join the Watcher's Council because of his nationality, as well as her own Scoobies: her best friends Alex Harrison - Fluffy's personal wooden stakes handler, and Ash Johannesburg - the first ever person in Sunningdale to have been saved by Fluffy and a wannabe witch.

Together, they are a force to be reckoned with...

The local demons and vampires quickly discovered that fact the hard way.

Not The TV Show

Those vampires and demons that haven't met Fluffy and her team yet and are not convinced by their peers' testimonies should watch the short movie conveniently titled 'Fluffy The English Slayer' and eventually learn from it...

Okay, the special effects and make up are closer to the Buffy movie itself than the BTVS TV show but, it's still somehow a must for all the Buffy fans 'out there'.

That what it is primarily: a fan film made in homage to the Slayer as well as being for its makers a fun way of giving something back to the Buffy universe... and it works in my book.

Where And How?

For those interested in knowing more about the English slayer and her friends, she has a website where you can find more info and details as well as being able to download and watch the short-movie free right here.

Have fun...

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1I didn't make it up, honest!

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