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Posted: 30th November 2006



I Can Never Think of Interesting Titles for These Things...

Welcome, welcome, welcome, once again to that fair publication,The Post. We hail you as colder climes begin to have their first snows (my friend went to Chicago over the school holiday and got snow, and I have similar reports from contacts in Québec) and the coming of December heralds the melodious sound of sleigh bells and Christmas carols on the radio, which while nice now will surely get incredibly tiresome by the 25th of December.

Literary pursuits have been quite in form in EMR-land this week — the mechanisms of my school's literary magazine are shuddering into action, and in addition to doing a good deal of my own writing I've been grading lit-mag submissions. There's quite an interesting range — it rather reminds one of h2g2 in that respect — and a few definite standouts that will surely be included in the magazine.

All this aside, though, we have some quite saddening news this week. We are saddened to report that h2g2 Researcher frankvi2000, the author of the Edited Entry History of the Normandy Veterans Association, passed away last week at the age of 88. Frank was a World War II veteran. He leaves behind a loving family, including his daughter Galaxy Babe. Condolences can be left at this thread, and on behalf of the Post Team I would like to express my condolences and support for GB and her family.

It is necessary for me to change the subject now, however, as I must remind you all of our two competitions in The Post this week. I was considerably disappointed to see that no one has yet responded to the 7th Anniversary Graphic Competition — how do you think that makes us feel? Neglected, you can certainly bet. I know there have got to be some artists there, so please show your skill by coming up with something to grace our front page next issue! In addition, our Christmas Poetry Competition is still going on, so if you wish to participate in the seasonal challenge please check out the rules, to be found below in the Features section. Submissions will be showcased in the Christmas issue of 21st December and readers will be able to vote for their favourites, so submissions are most definitely welcomed and encouraged!

In addition, we would like to remind everyone that next issue will be next Thursday 7th December, instead of in two weeks, in order to coincide with The Post's seventh anniversary, so keep those submissions coming!




















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