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The Five Healthy Portions Issue

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One for the health food fanatics in this edition of the CAC Continuum... sorry, not one for the health food fanatics in this edition of the CAC Continuum. No, not five portions of fruit and veg, unless baked beans count, which, having been for some years under the impression that they did, I was recently disappointed to find out they didn't, though most of the people who know me said they were somewhat relieved... where was I? Oh yes — five pieces all devoted to favourite foodstuffs, all the necessary ingredients for a fairly but not extremely unwise diet: not quite bad enough to be junk, but comforting enough to feel like a slightly guilty pleasure.

First up, then, is the humble sandwich. Which turns out to be a lot less simple than you thought:

A17713901 by U1711037

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Next up is baked beans on toast. Eagle-eyed CAC fans might notice that this is the second time around for this one. Well, the conceit of beans repeating was too good to pass over. Apart from which, only in Blazing Saddles is there any such thing as too many beans:

A17713857 by U223991

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I scream, you scream, we all scream for ice cream! But not too loudly:

A17713839 by U976131

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Chips. Science Fiction. Chips. Science Fiction. Not an obvious combination, you'd have thought...

A17713802 by U1493641

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This next one might sound like it's verging on the almost healthy... but have a closer look. A real curio:

A17713785 by U201188

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