The Legacy of Terry Horowitz - Part 11

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Part Eleven

A man walked along a beach in our reality. He looked tired, almost not of this world, but he was clearly human. His clothes, though worn and damaged, had been very expensive and almost regal. The man's solemn and bearded face told a sadness and pain beyond measure. A man who had lost much who had suffered. A man who had fought for the freedom of many, including those who fought against him.

But he had been dead. At least, he remembered being dead. But he was here on this beach.

He felt as though he had been born on this beach and had been walking ever since. He had clear memories of events before. Terrible battles, commanding legions who would give their all at his very word. Even though these battles went against every fibre in his body. He had fought wars to stop wars and the internal conflict had left its mark on his troubled brow.

A dog ran along the beach and started barking. The man barely acknowledged it. Suddenly the barks cut through his thoughts. He looked down at the dog. It went silent and lay at his feet. The owner ran up to apologise, but then stopped and looked at the dog.

'That's funny,' said the owner. 'He usually doesn’t like strangers.' He then looked at the man. 'Are you okay? You look lost.'

The man considered the owner's response for a moment. 'I am.'

'Well, do you need any help?' continued the dog's owner.

'Thank you, friend, but I think I am needed elsewhere.' With that, the man disappeared.

The dog whimpered, and the man just looked around startled. 'Come on,' said the owner to his dog, running away from the beach.

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The creatures in the void had passed into the real world. They had been battling across time, but they had been summoned by their master. Their collective thoughts had been directed to one moment, one place, one battle.

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Norman looked at the monitors from his sanctuary from the ravages of time. He moved the Blieg into position to fight the armies of the Universe. He would gain his revenge against all people. Everywhere.

'Who am I?' said a man on the bridge of the CMV Firestorm, who had not been there moments earlier.

'I... I...' was all Terry Horowitz could get out.

'It can't be,' said Beiphlat.

'I've seen you before...' said Terry Horowitz again.

'Who am I?' repeated the man.

'You're — You're —' stuttered Terry. 'You're me.'

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