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- aliases include Renee Floren and Renee6612
- crazy for 14 years; entering a new institution known as "high school" in September
- gets dangerous ideas from reading too many books
- one of them goddam liberals who wants to take over the country (yep, she's American - quake in fear!)
- mesmerizes others with melodious music on clarinet and piano
- obsessed with weird musical artists such as David Bowie, Placebo, and Queen
- one of those homosexual deviants trying to promote the evil gay agenda
- writes strange fiction, including "fan fics" about those demonic Harry Potter books that convert kids to Satanism!!!
- composes really strange userinfos instead of doing homework
- has been seen terrorizing The Werewolf Registry, FictionAlley, The Full Moony, SugarQuill, SBFC, and h2g2

Catch her before it's too late!

The Myth of 42

21x(9-3-3-1) = 42 or 2*19+3!-(3-1) or (2-1)*9+33*1 = 421
Renee has infiltrated h2g2 to its core - she is in fact a true researcher. Investigate The Myth of 42 to learn how such a travesty occured.

Catching The Culprit

Looking for Renee? Here are a few of her hangouts:
The Thingites
The Sporkites
the Cult of the Dictionary Readers
The h2g2 Musicians' Guild
The Northeastern US Researchers Group
The Young Researchers Club Sporks and gator are displayed at the top of the page, in the toolbar. (The gator's name is Alvin; it will attack if provoked.) The towel is ostensibly on the run with Renee; we have received intelligence that it's dark blue. smiley - towel

But the rabid Renee is not content to limit her villainy to h2g2 - oh, no! She has sneakily and stealthily infiltrated a variety of other cyber-hangouts, including:
The Werewolf Registry
The SugarQuill
The Full Moony
Of course, the best way to keep tabs on this dangerous criminal is through her LiveJournal . . .

Some Recommended Guide Articles

These Guide articles have been carefully selected to give you some insights into the forces that shape the minds of a deviant:
Great Vegetarian Dishes
The Beatles
George Harrison - A Tribute
The Liars' Paradox
Learning Languages
Fan Fiction - A User's Guide
Neil Finn and Crowded House
Glam - A Lifestyle Choice
Pop Art
'Calvin and Hobbes' - The Comic Strip
Oscar Wilde - Playwright And Wit
Neil Gaiman's Sandman
Monty Python - a Brief History
CTY: The Center for Talented Youth

And Some Other Useful Links . . .

. . . to aid you in your search for this dangerous monster

My Conversations
Ask h2g2
Guide ML Clinic
The H2G2 Post
Random Guide Entry
h2g2 Game Addicts Support Group

This insanity must be stopped!2 . . .

_______________________________________________________________________ There never was a time when you nor I nor all these kings did not exist, nor will there be any future when we will cease to be. The Bhagavad Gitasmiley - zen

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Be very, very careful what you put into that head, because you will never, ever get it out. Thomas Cardinal Wolseysmiley - headhurts

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When in doubt, howl! The Werewolf Registry mottosmiley - fullmoon

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I'm dead, am I? Why does nobody ever tell me anything? Paul McCartney smiley - ghost

Play the man, Master Ridley; we shall this day light such a candle, by God's grace, in England, as I trust shall never be put out. Hugh Latimer to Nicholas Ridley.

1Aided and abetted by Jeremy and viojen.2Stolen from Atari


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