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About Me! (that wonderful person I am)

A little about myself. I'm left handed, I play violin,smiley - musicalnote and I recently took up foil fencing. As someone I know once put it, I like to meet new people and then stab them. But only, understand, in the proper setting.1 I like baroque instruments. I'd like to learn to play viol(a) da gamba and violino piccolo, just for the sake of knowing. I'm a Senior Girl Scout, but not (yet) a senior in high school. I'm a sophmore2 at my school, which, because my parents believe in the benefit of public school education and I agree with them, is also the high school in my town. Big surprise, that. Technically I use American English spellings, becuase that's what I was taught to use, but not that I'm out of elementary school no one teaches spelling anymore, so I can get away with using British spellings if I feel like it. I read a lot, so I tend to pick up the spellings of whatever I'm reading, and as that's included an increasing amount of stuff here (where a lot of folk use British spelling) and also an increasing amount of English literature I now tend to spell things in a whole bunch of different ways. And it's not like my spelling was all that great to begin with. smiley - smiley

Me on the Guide

I'm a Thingite and a Sporkite. Please come visit the Sporkites here . You might need to check out the Thingites here too, so you can understand our cause. We're really quite a nice bunch. Join the revolution. Here're my Titanium Sporks. I cherish them. smiley - sporksmiley - sporksmiley - spork And my smiley - sporkite gators: ---^^^:<smiley - spacesmiley - space ---^^^^^:<

The Sporkites!1.Atari (The non-plagerising grounded ostrich: the un-learn'ed and tense [Non-GURU and Warspork])2.Utter Bewilderment3.RMF (Sporkite highpriestess,Offical gator giver outer)4.2legs(Sporkite Strangeness Modulater)5.Kess(Insane Sporkite Prophet)6.Darth Zaphod(Head of the stockpile of Navel Oranges)7.Chauncey8.Moose9.Sir Ralph the wonderful Llama(The holder of the Spork of power)10.Huffers11.Viojen (Offical polisher of Sporks)12.Deadelvis (The dead Sporking lunatic)13.Jane Pyecruste14.?15.Abi(Sporkite Italic!)16.Ztik17.Bob18.RhoMuNuQ(Belatedly joining the revolution)19.Atari and Deadelvis20.Canismajor7721.Tabitca(Offical Sporkite Spy Cat)22.Researcher gone wrong23.Quixotic24.Sir Mort25.Cati Bach(and Tarquin the Spork)26.Renee6612

And how was your day?

This is where RL and h2g2 overlap a bit. IRL I am known for my chocolate chip cookies, produced as birthday presents, at celebrations, during times of crisis, and whenever I feel like it. Recently I decided I wanted to carry that over to here, since both h2g2 and the cookies are important things in my life. So come on over to my kitchen. Pull up a chair, have some cookies and milk if you so desire, and tell me about your day. Consider it a smiley - hug for when I'm not around, and even when I am.

Reading the Dictionary

I belong to the Cult of the Dictionary Readers. We're just a fairly normal group of people who tend to get a little sidetracked when trying to look things up. Ever find yourself reading the definition of not just the intended word, but those for the words two or three above and below it? Than this place is for you.Library books on a shelf

The Young Researchers' Club

Yet another place I've joined it the Young Researchers' Club The only requirement for this one is age, uniting all researchers under 18. You may have noticed that the fine people in this community are fond of serving each other various drinks with alcohol contents that are illegal for consumption by the younger researchers among us.3 So we've united to show everyone who the future of h2g2 is4 and to serve drinks that are legal for consumption by us young 'uns. The only place on h2g2 where smiley - bubbly is actually sparkling apple juice, and not really champange.

Microbe Appreciation

Microbes Deserve Recognition!
They're always touted as evil. But deep down, some microbes are really very friendly. Join the Campaign to Promote Respect for Microbes and show the world that you respect microbes. I've adopted Yersinia pestis

My Fish

smiley - orangefish
This is my fish Genevieve. She's a Friendly Fish. Stressed? Watch her swim for a while. It's very relaxing.



I'm a real researcher!

It's the myth of 42.

See the story here!


I love the books. And I know where my towel is! smiley - towel

Do you know where yours is? If not, smiley - run and find it. In the words of the great man himself, "A towel... is about the most massively useful thing an interstellar hitch hiker can have."

Mine's blue and white stripes.

More Music

I've also joined the Musicians' Guild. Check it out!

Musicians' Guild Member

I'm a Bartok fan, now part of the multi-minded entiety Bartok the Bat. Bartok the Bat are writing an entry about their favorite composer.5 Between doing experiments and studying Bartok are not-so-hard at work on this, but say it will get done eventually. Bartok promise.6

1Wow. "Recently" seems like a long time ago-at this time, I'm just beginning my second season fencing-no longer novice (year 1), now JV!2A *wiser* sort of fool.3 Hey! That group includes me!4 A country's most precious natural resource is its children, you know. We are the future of the Guide.5I'm sure you can guess who that is.6You may have noticed, as one of my cohorts has pointed out, Bartok is a plural, so none of this is bad grammar.


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Viojen 2*16+1+3+6=42. Fencing-it's escrime!

Researcher U216136


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