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Posted: 5th June 2023

Montage of images from this week's issue: A Cape Bunting, a small deer from France, birds in an English bush, purple columbine, a cottontailed Pennsylvania bunny with a chipmunk friend, and overall, a sign for Stockbridge, 10 million lightyears. The headlines is Off the Beaten Path.

Our friends have been out watching summer happen. They hope you have, too. In this issue, they share their images and their thoughts.

Willem wants to tell you about the Cape Bunting. Superfrenchie wandered around the park in France and has the pictures to prove it. A couple of cats say hello, also some birds that happen to be in a Wirral bush. The birds would probably have been interested in Superfrenchie's caterpillar.

Speaking of birds, Tavaron has a story to tell. Her blackbirds successfully nested in the box she provided. Now they're out and going to blackbird school. (Blackbirds are homeschooled.) This is interesting. (Next week, there will be video.)

Speaking of stories, FWR has one about mind travel and music. He also has a photo puzzle for you. So does Paigetheoracle: we made his into a quiz. Paige has also spotted a very colourful bicycle. There's a bunny. There are flowers.

Exactly half of our ongoing fiction stories will reach their conclusions next week. You won't want to miss these installments. Nails will be bitten. There is also what we insist on calling humour. Bluebottle's is sprinkled with philosophy. I don't know what mine is sprinkled with.

Read, comment, pass around. We appreciate new readers. Have a great week out there, and remember to hydrate yourselves and your gardens.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Stop picking up fawns.

You are not a Disney princess.

And even if you are, don't.

– Oklahoma Department of Wildlife Conservation
A Shih Tzu with a strategy.

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Cape Bunting

Cape Bunting by Willem.



Oh, Deer

A small deer by Superfrenchie.


In My Mind I'm Going To…
Space sign for Stockbridge, 10 million lightyears, by FWR.
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