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Posted: 13th September 2021

Wider Horizons

Hummingbird at feeder, by DG.

We love hummingbirds. They sound like tiny helicopters. They don't deliver traffic reports, but they gladden the eye much more than the big whirlybirds. We enjoy feeding them. On this page, you can watch him sip. He (she?) has to stock up on nectar and sugar water: soon will begin the long trek south. We can't believe how far those tiny birds migrate.

This issue features more wildlife that will make you happy to look upon, from Willem's exuberant seals to the beautifully-named Kaisermantel butterfly. 'Kaisermantel' means 'the emperor's coat'. Apparently we call it a fritillary. We have another bee picture, too.

People have been lots of very photogenic places, as I see from my inbox. Enjoy the trips second-hand. Also wonder at the unusual signage from the UK. Bluebottle wants to tell you about the latest nightspot on the swinging Isle of Wight. I don't know how he can stand the fast pace there.

We even have some cooking tips! (Thanks to Create for that challenge.) Minorvogonpoet will tell you how to make blackberry and apple jam. I hope she will forgive me for the editorial footnote: I tried my best, but was defeated by the metric system again. Ask Tavaron and Superfrenchie: we have this ongoing conversation at the Core Team about why Americans don't weigh food. On the expert front, Mrs FWR, who is an Olympic-level baker, shows you how to put the final polish on a wedding cake. We are in awe.

You may have heard about the hurricane in North America. Fortunately, the Post Office merely got rain. We're 1500 feet above sea level (oh, look it up!). However, we are in a giant watershed area, and the Hoggetts had a flash flood which upset the goats but thrilled the ducks no end. Mrs Hoggett got footage for us, and you will see the exciting report in these pages.

On a serious note, we extend our sympathies to the people of Louisiana, Philadelphia, and New York City. The hurricane damage has been extensive – in Philadelphia, it turned the expressway through town into a temporary canal. Unfortunately, the season isn't over.

There's humour hidden in here – perhaps too well – and food for thought, and a thrilling cinema review, and other surprises small and large. Let the contributors know you enjoyed their submissions by discussing their work for a change, rather than whatever it is you usually do.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: No matter how weird this planet gets, you can count on us to have a skewed take on it.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Spontaneous flash mob dance routines ARE acts of terrorism and should be dealt with severely whenever they occur.

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Bee and Hummingbird

Southern Elephant Seals

Southern Elephant Seals by Willem.



The Last Bouquet

A colourful bouquet of gladioli by FWR.


A beautifully decorated building in Freiburg, by Sho.
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