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Posted: 20th September 2021

All We Survey

Sun and clouds by FWR.

As that photo by FWR shows, we have our own way of looking at things. We notice a lot that, frankly, might pass others by. One person's road sign is a h2g2 Researcher's cue to ask, 'What does it all mean?' We're wired that way. Which sort of explains this week's issue of the Post. Or maybe not. Anyway, there's quite an unusual collection of images, and the stories behind them may give you brain freeze.
  • Signs, signs, and more signs: Caiman says Austria kind of overdid the signage. Bluebottle wonders if that sign was intended for Goldilocks. Sho found the exit to the town of Moist. (No word on the average rainfall.)
  • Speaking of signage, FWR gets revenge for my mockery of his hot sauce labels. He's designed a sauce label for wimpy editors. Enjoy.
  • The animal kingdom delights and puzzles us. Willem has more ancient things with horns. Tavaron found a really weird bug. Paige found a bat. SashaQ observed a spoonbill having a good time.
  • Awix has cinema: two films, no waiting. The Prof has a quiz for you. I want you to remember something. Carol M Highsmith remembers those motels shaped like wigwams.
  • There are mysteries: some solved, like Caiman's search for the Bosch shop front. Others, like Tavaron's mystery plant, we still need some help with. Stroll through these pages, ooh, aah, and laugh where appropriate, and contribute where requested, please.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: if you wake up and the sun looks like that, you probably fell asleep in front of the computer again. Go open a window.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Roland Emmerich despises physics with a seething passion..

Scott Weinberg @scottEmovienerd (Twitter)

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Miotragocerus and Tragoportax

Tragoportax by Willem.



Too Many Signs in Austria

A crossing with far too many complicated signs, which Caiman Raptor Elk will now attempt to interpret.


This Used to Be a Thing
Sign that says Sleep in a Wigwam next to a unit of the Wigwam Motel, which is a motel room in a building shaped like a wigwam.
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  • Afternoon fairy tale.

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