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Posted: 4th October 2021

Seasonal Musings

Young female cardinal on fence, by DG.

Are you enjoying autumn? Willem is enjoying spring: he's been out on a couple of excursions, so we get to see photos of rare and wonderful things. Others have been glimpsing beauty in the wild: Tavaron has more photogenic bugs and flowers. Websailor's badger friends have adopted a little fox. I'm spotting things behind the Post Office. Galaxy Babe is bird-watching, while Woolly Mammoth keeps an eye on the sea. Sasha has been to Chester Zoo.

Speaking of Chester, this is an official apology. I'm sorry I mislabelled the Mersey waterfront last week. As I pointed out amid the uproar on Twitter, one of the goals of h2g2 is to combat our mutual geographical cluelessness. Face it, y'uns on the Wirral can't tell the difference between Pittsburgh and Philadelphia, either. To make up for dissing Chester, here's a whole photoessay on the shopping district beautifully photographed by FWR.

You really get a treat this week: FWR has also agreed to share his recipe for Bad Wolf Hot Sauce. It's profusely illustrated, this recipe, so there will be no mistakes. Get hold of some hot peppers and be ready for a culinary adventure.

We have personal stories to share. Elektra Gheorgheni lets us in on the time in Athens that she was either engaged in her film debut or acting as the Mata Hari of the Chamber of Commerce. It's a 'blooper reel' you won't want to miss. Not to be outdone in silliness, I reminisce about the 'glamour' of being a campus reporter, sort of. Paulh has school memories, while Tavaron shares news about the current educational situation.

There's cinema from Awix and me. Mine's more about history. There is humour and feature-type Stuff. Bluebottle's pun-filled Isle of Wight saga continues.

Signs of the season are evident everywhere. And then Caiman gets creative with a banana. You'll enjoy all of this.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Have a great week, and remember: whether it's conkers or black walnuts, don't stand under those trees when the wind blows.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Does the New York Times employ editors?!

Susan on Twitter

(When asked the same thing about the h2g2 Post, the Editor replied, 'Define 'employ'.)

The Space Force Pants [=trousers] are a disgrace to all seamstresses and tailors in the entire universe.

Darby Bailey on Twitter

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September Excursions

Hemidactylus mabouia by Willem.



Egret and Swift

Egret and swift on a bank, by Galaxy Babe.


Autumn's Early Song
A very red tree by the Clarion River.
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