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Posted: 27th September 2021

Light and Dark

Half Moon by FWR.

The world around us is full of light and dark: joy and sorrow, mishaps and miracles. It can get you down sometimes. Still, Researchers make the best of it, knowing that neither the Vogon Fleet nor the Great White Handkerchief have yet made an appearance. In the meantime, we've got a job: to record what we can find. To add to our store of knowledge about Life, the Universe, and Everything. The mice expect no less.

No mice in the photos this week, but plenty of other things to look at. Woolly Mammoth climbed a mountain and sent us a souvenir. Solnushka spotted some must-see statuary in Moscow. Discuss the choice of subject matter: a Russian tsar and, er, poo.

Sasha made something mathematical and extraordinary. I made a poem, which is not so extraordinary, but is about something extraordinary.

Bugs and a snail and kitty-cat tails, that's what we're made of. Spot the fake wildlife. Puzzle over the quiz. Enjoy life through FWR's viewfinder: he gets a whole gallery this week. Find out what's on at the cinema and what those wacky clothing designers are up to on the Isle of Wight.

We'll be back next week with more Stuff. (Send more Stuff!) Remember: it might be darkest before the dawn, but you should be asleep then. Unless you're working the night shift.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: Today, St George's Hill is a private gated community with a golf course, tennis club, and over 400 luxury estates with an average sale price of £4m.

Atun-Shei Films, 'In Defense of Puritanism'

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Walnut Time Again!

Meet the Walruses

Walruses by Willem.



Meet Cute

When Jax the kitten met Midnight the cat. A cardboard box was involved. From the FWR files.


Edible Traffic Light
Fruit pastilles arranged to make a traffic light.
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  • A mathematician crochets.

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