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Posted: 18th October 2021

The Planet on Parade

Dog looking out of a car window while participating in a parade.

That dog was really enjoying the parade. It's being a beautiful autumn in the northern hemisphere, while Willem reports that spring is shaping up nicely south of the equator. We have a ton (tonne?) of wonderful Stuff to share with you this week. You will be delighted and edified (mostly, Bluebottle snuck in with a potty joke). Let's begin.
  • We start off with wildlife. SashaQ wins the wildlife cinematography award this week with a thrilling struggle between a heron and its dinner. You know, just like the stuff on the Discovery Channel that Elektra calls 'predator porn'. Sasha has even supplied the narration in subtitles. We are cutting edge here. (And seriously, that heron film is pure gold.)
  • More wildlife! Sasha is our waterfowl expert, with the photos to prove it. There's also a slug, a snail (from France! And nobody ate it!), and a British squirrel confronted with a New World vegetable. Willem acquaints us with the spectacled weaver. Admire his artistry and learn about these fascinating birds.
  • History tourism: From the time-travel opportunities provided by Hooverville's annual antique and classic car park-in on Main Street, to the personal memoirs of a private soldier in the US Civil War, we offer a brand-new take on the foreign countries that make up the Past. Speaking of the Past, Caiman Raptor Elk confesses his childhood misdeeds in this week's edition of 'Blooper Reels'. Warning: child-and-parental endangerment. (Get yours in, you know you want to tell us!)
  • Strangeness around the planet: Back in the present, the world continues to amaze. Admire the beautiful bollards of Nancy, by our French correspondent. Autumn in Moscow is lovely, but beware the fast food. Go for slow food instead: Mrs McGillicuddy shares her recipe for marinara sauce, as only she can. (Mr McGillicuddy may have an Irish name, but most of his relatives are genuine Italians, so this sauce is the goods.) Meanwhile, in France, the décor is as impressive as the cuisine.
  • We have cinema. We have humour. We have surprising science facts along with gorgeous photography.

Just a few more reminders in closing: October continues to be Blooper Reel month. Send in your personal bloopers! November is coming soon, so sign up for the novella marathon called 'Twice-Told Tales'. You will notice that I finally made a poster for it. Meanwhile, Halloween is coming, too. Spooky photos and personal ghost stories would be just the ticket for our 31 October spooky spectacular.

Have a great week, and remember: when that falling walnut hits you on the head, it's just the Circle of Life.

Dmitri Gheorgheni

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Quote of the Week: I kept hearing about Fat Bear Week and thought it was a celebration of body positivity within a gay subculture. It turns out it is about actual bears! Either way, I am here for it.

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Video Extra:

Heron v Eel

Heron with eel in beak, by SashaQ.



Feeling Flush(ed)

Another bizarre sign by Bluebottle. It says the toilet flushes automatically, and adds 'push to flush'. Hm.


Mrs McGillicuddy's
Marinara Sauce

People eating spaghetti standing up in 1900 Naples.
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  • CRE's hair-raising blooper reel.


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