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Posted: 2nd July 2018

The Challenge of Art

Elephant Door by Superfrenchie
But the Devil whoops, as he whooped of old: "It's clever, but is it Art?"
Rudyard Kipling

This door is to keep out elephants.

See that door? It plays a part in what follows. Superfrenchie found it in France. She's been travelling in her native land. Milla, too, has been on the move. The other week, she visited Copenhagen with a friend. I asked for photos. I got them. Getting background on the finds proved to be harder. Finally, I awarded my two reluctant informants the Suzie Q Ferguson Award for Terrible Tour-Guiding. A meme was born.

Suzie Q Ferguson (not, obviously, her real name) was an American student in the 1980s. Suzie loved to show people around her adopted town of Tübingen. The problem was, she didn't know anything about the sights she was pointing to. So visitors would get comments like, 'That's an old church,' and 'Here's another old church,' followed by, 'Do you see how small that door is? People were shorter then.'

In future, photographs submitted to the Post with similar-quality information attached (or no information at all, as frequently happens) will be entered for the Suzie Q Ferguson Award. You, too, can be a winner. Just dump your mobile cache in the direction of the Post Office.

Speaking of the Post Office, it has been enriched by a new staff member: TJ the Assistant to the Assistant Editorial Kitty has discovered that the computer screen has interesting things on it. He's been 'helping'. Please excuse the typos. We had to stop him from searching '3333333333333wwww' on Youtube the other day. He didn't find any good videos that way. However, he made a good video, which you can see this week. TJ's decided to be the TV reviewer. He didn't think too much of this week's offering. It put him right to sleep, but not until after he'd attacked the screen in frustration at the bad dialogue.

What else do we have for you this week? Let's take a look:
Poppies from France, by Superfrenchie
  • Willem shows and tells about the Orange River Partridge, aka the Chicken of the Kalahari. You will want to see this.
  • Rainy Day Windscreen by Dmitri Gheorgheni
  • Awix reviews a glamorous movie, for a change. He didn't seem to enjoy it much. Maybe he doesn't like evening gowns. Check out '24 Lies a Second' for all the gory details.
  • SashaQ invites you to caption a very shy, but pretty, moth. It tried to hide from the camera, but Sasha's an expert.
  • There are the obligatory cats and aliens. There's also news about a lawsuit involving moondust: see Nigel for details.
  • It's the Fourth of July this week, so we're quizzing you about patriotic music. We also welcome Milla as guest quizmaster. See if you can puzzle out her picture quiz.
  • SashaQ can really draw. (We're envious.) Admire the artwork and read about how it's done.
  • Talking about how it's done: Freewayriding and Paigetheoracle are back with some good science fiction for you to read. One story has motorbikes in. (Guess which one.)
  • Poppies from France, by Superfrenchie
  • We have a new Create theme starting this week: Independence and Belonging. Are the two in conflict? How do you balance them? What would you like to tell us about the subject? This week, Minorvogonpoet dips into fiction to explore one boy's decision, while the Post Editor muses from the back seat of a car. Send your thoughts and inspirations to the Post, or submit a Guide Entry to Peer Review.
  • We have humour, as always. We have writing tips. There are lots of opportunities for you to be creative, start discussions, or pick up ideas for your next submission. So do all of that.

I hope the weather is promising where you are, and you can get out, take pictures, and drink in some vitamin D. (My doctor tells me, 'Whenever you see sunshine, run out and stand in it.' The neighbours look at me strangely, but I yell, 'Doctor's orders!') And have a great week!

Dmitri Gheorgheni





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