The Suzie Q Ferguson Awards for Terrible Tour-Guiding, Grand Prize

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The Suzie Q Ferguson Awards for Terrible Tour-Guiding, Grand Prize

Post Editor's Statement: You have no idea what I go through to get members of the Core Team to remember to contribute their brilliant photo finds to the h2g2 Post. I lie in wait for them on Skype. I ambush them in the run-up to bi-weekly planning meetings. I cajole. I whine. It's worth it: we get their fascinating discoveries hot out of the camera. Then, of course, I have to get them to tell me what the photos are of. It's a good thing I have a bit of journalism background. It's fun to worm the titbits out of them.

A few weeks ago, Milla arrived breathless to the meeting, having just got off the train. She'd been in Copenhagen. I, of course, demanded pics. She shared these, with a few 'explanations'. I pronounced Milla the winner of the Suzie Q Ferguson Award for Terrible Tourguiding. Suzie Q was an American student Elektra and I knew back in the day, who loved to give guided tours of places she knew absolutely nothing about. We'd walk along while Suzie proclaimed airily, 'See that? That's an old church. There's another one over there. You see how small that door is? People were shorter then.'

Whenever we encounter misinformation on a guided tour, Elektra and I always whisper to each other, 'People were shorter then!'

Here's Milla's winning entry for the Suzie Q Ferguson Award. Elsewhere in this issue, we'll bring you Superfrenchie's runner-up entry. Want to be a Suzie Q Ferguson Award winner? Just send us an unusual photo from your travels with a particularly clueless caption.

In the Museum at Copenhagen

Cool neck rings and stuffz in Copenhagen.
Milla says:

Some cool neck ringsā€¦and stuff (from the museum in Copenhagen).
Old furniture that now sets trends.
Milla says:

Also very old, but people travelled, this was a very common model around Mediterranean/Egypt.

Inspired a bunch of Danish mid-century furniture designers, e.g. Hundevad, and they now sell for ridiculous prices.

Judges' decision: We are in awe of this tour-guiding prowess.

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