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Posted: 12thDecember 2002


Two weeks to go until Christmas Day, and yesterday (Wednesday) we had the grand switching on of the Lair Christmas Lights.

With much ceremony and lots of running outside to check that everything was positioned just right, we flicked the switch and was greeted with a sight to put even my most favourite of films, National Lampoon's Christmas Vacation to shame. Light shone forth from every nook and cranny of the Lair, making old ladies faint from fright and causing a couple of cars to crash into next door's dustbins. We were very pleased with the results...

Ah, Christmas, a name to send a shiver up my spine, as excitement mounts, cards to write, pressies to wrap, people to visit, people to avoid... pressies to unwrap because you have forgotten what they are, and cards to throw away as you've forgotten the address of the person you want to send to... such a wonderfully commercial time of year.

I will never forget one of the bestest Christmas presents I gave, it was to my sister's husband, who I shall call Pablo, to protect the innocent. I had this great idea, I found a rather nice box, stuffed it with rather nice paper, and then placed one single battery inside with a note reading, 'Present Not Included!. I then wrapped the whole thing and proudly handed it to him on Christmas Day.

Pablo was impressed at the wrapping; he was delighted with the box, ecstatic with the nice paper within and just stared at the battery. Pablo read the card, looked up, stared at the battery again, re-read the card, and then said, 'Where's my present?' I explained that the battery was all there was, and that the present was not included. He looked mystified, and repeated, 'Yes, but where's my present?'.

To this day I am still unsure as to whether he ever understood the joke of the thing... ~sigh~ Oh well, I did relent and gave him some other things that I had nicely bought for him; I didn't ruin his entire Christmas Day. No... honestly... would I be as mean as that?

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Greebo T. Cat

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