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Wonderful Amy

Amy you Beautiful American You..

Frailty, Strength, Intelligence, Sharp Intellect and Honesty… True..

You exposed me to interesting conversations…. and cranial thoughts..

Psychology, Physics, Recycling, Alternate Technology… and BridgeNorth..

Wednesday night dashes, weekend joys …and IronBridge old..

Exaggerating lifes contrasts.. With your move back to the womb.. still so bold..

But.. Hey !! Life goes on… and first thing Today..

Got a text from 'Angie the Sniper'.. venturing to say..

Not alternative technology, hydrogen economy, Mans greater struggles or personal secrets all sold..

But.. Hey !! Guess what…. Outside her house… It's Sooooo.. COLD !!!!

Retreat to BBC h2g2 website.. and Vogon poems my only escape…. I fear..

Beam me up Scotty.. No intelligent life left.. down here !!!

So.. to conclude about at the place where I started..

And.. No.. its Craigs BK1 you can smell.. I've definitely not f*rted..

Amy you Beautiful American You..

See what you've sentenced me to !!!

smiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rosesmiley - rose

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