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Christmas Morals

Christmas comes but once a year,
And when it comes it brings good cheer,
But Christmas food and Christmas presents,
Are not at the heart of the Christmas essence.

Christmas joy, and Christmas giving,
Is full of the cheer of everyday living.
But Christmas isn't a time of self-greed,
It's about giving to those who're in need.

Christmas isn't just about ourselves,
Nor what we get from St. Nick's Elves,
Christmas is a time of others' delight,
It is a time of peace, not a time to fight.

Christmas kindness and Christmas glory,
Are more behind the true Christmas story.
Christmas is a time of families gathered round,
And excited children, each and all spell-bound.

But not everyone has someone to share with,
No, not everyone has presents they can give.
We must think of those others, cold, alone,
Without any friends, family, or even a home.

Remember when thinking of yourself and you,
There are those lonely, cold, and unhappy too.
They have no joy, they recieve no gifts at all,
All they know is that they're down after a fall.

I'm not saying be unhappy on Christmas day,
Just think of others, that's what I will say.
Don't just think "Me, me, me, I'm just the best"
Think of the Christmas lonely, and the rest.



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