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Christmas, Christmas, Christmas

Christmas Time is here again,
But we ain't got snow, we're stuck with rain.
There's no Peace on Earth, we've still got war,
And when Santa don't exist, what's it all for?

A stupid song's at Number One,
The dull old carols have all been sung.
With tree lights that won't switch on,
Is it true the Christmas Spirit is long gone?

So Christmas is in the end of December,
(But it's been displayed in shops since September)
A time to buy stamps, cards and gifts,
And count the days 'til the Twenty-fifth.

You don't need to be able to count anymore,
'Cos we've advent calendars, with numbers on doors.
Inside each one is chocolate, melted no doubt,
And if you ask the kids, they'll say what it's about;

You see, on Christmas, you give your money away,
And remember the poor, old and hungry all that day.
Then you play with all the presents given to you,
And by Boxing Day you're bored, wondering what to do.

It's a bit of an anti-climax, I suppose,
But that ain't all the story, as everyone knows,
'Cos a couple of thousand years ago, far away,
Was the very first Christmas Day.

On that day, the Lord was born.
He was born in a box where they usually kept corn.
But he grew up to be the King of all,
And there it all started, inside that stall.

Because of him, the world is free,
He saved us all, you, them and me.
And we celebrate THAT, every year anew,
And because of his kindness, we're kind too.

On Christmas Day, we give things to our friends,
Toys, games and gifts, odds and ends.
But He gave much more, he gave his life, and died,
So what's Christmas to you? You decide.



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