The United Conglomerated Amalgamated Integrated Unified Redundancy Land of Redundantly Repetitive Repitition

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Update: 10/5/01

Hello, and welcome to the UCAIURLORRR. This place has gathered dust for some time now, and I apologize. It's just that, well... it's a lot of things, really. Mostly I'm unbeleivably lazy. Plus, all summer I had a piss-poor Internet connection, and about that time I was still pissed off about the new "kinder, gentler h2g2," and I was working overtime, and spending a lot of time training for my skydiving license, and like I said, I'm damned lazy. But regardless of all that, I feel that I have a duty here. A solemn duty to come up with new and amusing things to write, and keep my corner of h2g2 alive! Yes! I have a dream...

What this all means is that I've finally gotten around to updating the page. Nobody will notice for a while, I expect that. I'm counting on it actually. Keep in mind, I'm very, very lazy.

The King(not Elvis)


A country dedicated to redundantly repeating the same and/or similar things(stuff) over and over and over again, repeating them in other words, often and a lot.

A country dedicated to furthering the interests of 80's rock and roll.

A country dedicated to long, confusing, and hopefully inappropriately rude acronyms. For example,we think Boring Old Ornery Bxxxxxxs In-restaurants Eating Spaghetti is a good thing. In other words, we are pro-B.O.O.B.I.E.S.

A country dedicated to its own special brand of eventual world domination.

So join already! When I take over the world, you, my people, will have superior social status to those who shun my dictatorship...ation...ness! And I promise I'll put some work into the page soon enough...

Physically the UCAIRLORRR consists of Bromley Hall at the University of Illinois. The capital city is Marc's Dorm Room, where I sit in my Inflatable Chair of Power and wield my Remote Control of Justice. No, I haven't informed the local government of my secession and takeover of the building yet, but I'm sure they won't have a problem with it. I plan to expand the territory soon by declaring war on the IHOP on Green Street, then France. I'll have to recruit the Tae Kwon Do club or something, I guess.

As always your Usually Benevolent Overlord and Dictator, Marc

Officers of the Land

broelan, Vice-Assistant-Minister of Appropriately Humiliating Those Who Deserve It

Goshoogoshoogosh, Minister for Out-Wierding the Wierdo on the Bus

The Cheese, God of Everything Else

anne girl, Minister of Shiny Objects

Mathnerd, Minister of Destruction and General Evil

Sad, mad, or bad?, Minister of Driving People Insane with Inane Chatter

Little Mischief, Minister of Things That Go Bump In The Night and Other Mischievious Phenomena

Orko, Minister of the Goat Affairs and Oppression Department Division.

I hereby decree that in honor of Olympus and our Mother Muse Dragonfly, all Muses have an honorary citizenship in the Empire, and a corner office in my high-rise Command Fortress and Amusement Park. Take a hideously overpriced bus to the Musehome!

Stuff in the Land

I figured I would need a place to stay and rule from, so I willed into being, right smack dab in the middle of the capital city of Marc's Dorm Room, the UCAIRLORRR Command Fortress and Amusement Park. Wipe your feet when you come in.

Let's see, we now have a branch office of the Hermes Messenger Service, it's within walking distance of the UCAIRLORRR Command Fortress and Amusesment Park. Use it for all your fast delivery needs!

Do you like work? If you're in the middle of a great TV show, and realize you have to fill out some forms by the next morning, do you turn off the TV and do the work immediately? Then for the love of God, don't go to the Royal H2G2 Procrastinator's Society. But for the rest of us mere mortals, it's a good place to check out, run by Minister Goshoogoshoogosh.

Need an excuse to skip work? Dr. Broelan is in.

I am so happy! Our own Vice-Assistant-Minister Broelan has introduced me to the ultimate in radio entertainment: 104.1, The Mall, out of St. Louis, Missouri, USA! It, like we are, is dedicated to 80's rock, and it's quite frankly a cool website. It is now our official radio station.

So, I guess by "update," what I really meant was "new introductory paragraph". I didn't add anything, and I even deleted some old and dated jokes! Ha! Suckers!

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