Welcome to my depressing page.....


okay folks, happy to see you all and stuff, not too happy with the bbc rules and changes at the moment. i'm apologizing right now for the disarray of my page...... i can't quite figure out GuideML and the new rules that don't seem to permit smileys or graphics are annoying as well..... we'll see what happens..... until then be well. i'll be back sometime, maybe.


Welcome to the Personal Space of.... Mathnerd!!!!

Full nickname: Acolyte Mathnerd, Seraph of General Evilness and Black Trenchcoats, Keeper of Despair and Gloomy Depressed Thoughts, Muse of Coffee, Cigarettes, and Beat Poetry, Court Devil of Balwyniti, Member of the Avenging Angels Association, Chocolate Lover, Member of the h2g2 Procrastinator's Society, Greebo Appreciation Society Member #80, Member of the h2g2 Musician's Guild, Lazy B*****d, Member of the Union of Fish, Classic Goo Fan Club Member, Soprano in the h2g2 Choral Society.

Well, this is my page, and it prolly isn't too interesting at the moment. I've just started, but it'll grow, don't worry. I'm not too interesting, a real math/physics nerd, rather hooked on computers and electronics. For the rest, I like astronomy and the possibilities existing about the rest of our unexplored galaxy.

Ay, I can be quite depressed at times, but otherwise I'm actually kind of interesting. I like math and logic puzzles, if you got any, I'd love to hear them. Also limericks are fun to create! Cats, thermite, books, and spaceships are good. I hope to expand here slowly, but unfortunately, I'm not on as much as I would like to be smiley - sadface.

Yes, I'm a bit weird, I know, I know. Black is good, I like my all black outfits, and my combat boots and trenchcoat. Also, black lipstick and nail polish rule! God, I feel like a platypus. Gotta run again smiley -

Geez people, it seems like I'm one of the younger researchers. Just turned 16. Feels like I'm tons older though. Hell, being in university can do that to you, plus my life hasn't exactly help me be young :-(. I feel 19/20 most days until I feel _old_ and then I could swear that I am 167 years old smiley - .
If you want more info on me, check out my webpage.
Also, feel free to e-mail me.
I can be found on icq most times, my number is 82360547.
I hope to talk to more fun people soon! smiley -
Photos of me can be found here. More should be coming soon!

  • Woo hoo! I finally got my title as the Keeper of Despair and Gloomy Depressed Thoughts. Get your title here!

  • I am now the official court devil of The Kindom of Balwyniti! Yay! I shall do my best to keep up the evil. smiley -
  • The official title of muse of coffee, cigarettes, and beat poetry has just been bestowed on me. Thanks Dragonfly!
    I should probably start a poetry thread up some time, anyone have an opinion on that?

  • I earned my wings today! Get yours at the Avenging Angels Association. Little horns and big black wings suit me rather well, wouldn't you say? smiley - just kidding. smiley -
  • I am a member of The Union of Fish, hooray!

  • Ooooh, chocolate! smiley -

  • I am now a member of G.A.S.smiley -

  • I have joined the Classic Goo Fan Club, as the badge below clearly shows:

  • I am a flautist of the h2g2 Musicians Guild. If there are more musical groups I can join, please let me know!

  • The newest soprano of the h2g2 Choral Society I am! Meep!


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Acolyte Mathnerd, Seraph of General Evilness and Black Trenchcoats(court devil of the Kindom of Balwyniti, Muse and Keeper)

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