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This page was inspired by a thread in Ask: Kissing a Frog
Kissing Frogs?
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Frogs are for Friendship,
not Food or Franchising!

First of all you should read Grimm's fairy tale, the original version of course and not one of the mutants you can find in some childrens books.

Read The Frog King!

For more information about frog tales in different cultures also read this.

Peter Pan's hat
Why you should not try to kiss a frog:Why you should not try to kiss a frog:

A child's bedroom with something hiding under the bed.Humans seem to like the idea of frog-kissing, but what are the feelings of the frogs themselves? Do they really want to be kissed? Do they want to turn into princes? The sudden change of the body can seriously damage the mental state of an ordinary frog.
While the human population of our planet grows constantly, frogs are an endangered species. Frog-kissing makes the situation even worse, while princes are added to human population, frogs lose an unknown number of males a year.
But frog-kissing can aso be very dangerous for humans. Very few people know, that among the normal frogs also the dangerous werefrogs spend a quiet life at ponds. If somebody tries to kiss a werefrog he or she is bitten and will turn into a werefrog him- or herself.
Other questions you should ask yourself before you kiss a frog is: What will this prince look like? What kind of princes can these frogs become? Will they ever stop to hunt and eat flies? Of course there would be no flies in the house then, but what happens if you are in public? What influence does the increasing number of princes have on political affairs? Finally you have to come to the conclusion that a beautiful frog is better than an ugly prince.


Man holding chicken in front of trippy, moving swirls in an attemt to hypnotise it!


Need a prince? Just add water!

A new invention on the prince-sector could make frog-kissing absolutely unneccesary in the future: Vamster's Instant Princes!
"Ms. Vamster, what can you tell us about your great invention?"
*holds microphone in Vamster's direction*
*Vamster over-enthusiastically grabs microphone*

"Great? Well, it was just one of those bits of inspiration floating around the world and it happened to bump into me! Nothing, really. Instant Princes Formula has many advantages over other methods, particularly frog kissing, which can lead to (mostly) undesirable hallucinogenic effects. Here at 4F, we are completely against Frogs for Franchising in any circumstances- IPF offers an alternative to the frog-prince blackmarket. "

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Alpha unfortunately was destroyed so everything moved over to:


The planet Earth.Now I Know Everything

The Pond
A country lane in Texas.
Benjahvthe BewilderedWeeping WillowDruid and Frogfather
CYBERHUMANXSpaceshipGefropo Agent
Dimitrithe DaintyBaobabAirline Pilot (and plane)
Dragonqueenthe DaringXXXAir Force
Eddiethe EdgySequoiaX
Elwynthe FoolXShooer of Rabbits
Evil ClawXXX
LilXsharing Ben's WillowX
MalabaristaXRowanGefropo Captain
TamaireXthe Island in the PondEggman (and undercover Gefropo)
TavaronXWillowCafé Owner
Vamsterthe ValiantOak (by the falls)Minister of Decoration
Evolution GodXeverywherecreator
IgorXthe Omnitoriumhelper and healer
Eredh son of Cabr The Very Big OneXGoosberry BushX
Bearded evil guy who's definitely not TavaronXWanted Posterbeing an evil guy
The Lime Tree CaféXLime TreeX
the OmnitoriumXthe cliffs by the waterfallX

The Lime Tree Café
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-Water Lily Soup
-Tofu with Garlic, Fried Breadcrumbs And Olive Oil
-Stuffed Mushrooms
-Lime, Orange, Pineapple Sorbet


1.a frog game
2.Frog racing

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