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Poem for lil

I asked my friends to write a verse each for a get-well poem for lil and here is what they contributed.

It is perhaps appropriate that you've asked people to contribute for Lil and the one thing you can't get them to do is shut up.

- bejaminpmoore

My dear friend lil is very ill

With acute appendicitis -

That's much worse than lilitis. smiley -

So I fret and I worry smiley -

And I'm ever so smiley -

That there's nothing that I can do

But writing these lines for you. smiley -


Poor Vicky Virago

There's nothing that shocked her

Much more than when Mum said

She's under the doctor

-Icy North

We miss our lil

Oh yes we do

We miss her so much

We're all very blue

Hootoo is not the same

We think you'll all agree

Sending happy thoughts and get well messages

Until the 'ospital sets her free

-Galaxy Babe

Appendicitis, and other niggles?

Get well soon, dear Auntie Giggles!

- Moonhogg

Buttons, Buttons everywhere, and not one Lil can push!'

Those smiley - s and smiley - s

Must be issuing curses, smiley -

Big buttons close by,

Must really terrify. smiley -

But Lil must get well,

Come Heaven smiley - and Hell smiley - .

Buttons must wait

To get her first rate.smiley -


The day when lil went under the knife,

It very nearly changed my life,

Her editing - so gently done,

Now's undertaken by a Hun!!


Father – mother, or any other, makes no difference to me.

But a family member is unwell and she IS a sister to me.

We're not related in any form, not marriage nor blood akin.

A friendship relation by any means is anything other than that.

But alas! My 'sister' is unwell, I'm powerless to intervene.

Medical knowledge has taken great strides.

But folk lore can also prevail.

So! All the powers that there be, hear these words of mine.

Every ounce of strength within me, I send willingly to her.

Make her well and stand ready to fear me, gods, if you fail.

-Professor Animal Chaos

Lil's a giggler and no mistake

Lil's a tickler, for goodness sake smiley -

Gigglers like lil sow the seeds of hiccoughs

Smiles, chuckles, chortles, crack-ups smiley -

When she comes back and the worrying's all done

There'll be mirth, hilarity, celebrations and fun smiley - smiley - smiley -

-Tibley Bobley

Oh Lil you really are a star smiley -

I never thought you'd go that farsmiley -

And wind up in a hospital bed smiley -

With hunky doctors round your head smiley -

So take your meds, get back to power smiley -

Hootoo awaits your finest hour smiley -

Just don't go having too much fun smiley -

You're supposed to be the wisest one smiley -


Lil is a kind hearted soul

I feel so dreadful to see her in this hole

A hospital is no place to be

Without a laptop on your knee

Hootooers throughout the land

wish lil the best help there is at hand

good wishes come in dribs and drabs

But the sentiment is there for grabs

Get well soon dear Lil

I am sending you a happiness pill


Thank you Lil for being there

Through the good times and the bad

I just hope that you get well soon

Hopefully I'll see you fit and well before the end of June

But then again it's good to take time to relax

and eat lots of snacks

and take good lavendar smelling baths

and remember to watch things that make you smiley -


We're all so sad that Lil's not well

Without her there's no fun,

Her Matt is sulking, in a huff

Until she calls him 'hun'


Dear Lil please come back really soon

without you there's no sun no moon

no stars to brighten day or night

we all miss your shining light.


Big heart ACE Lil

You have your fill

of donuts tea and cake

A good recovery you'll make

That's if you don't faint

When you get the hospital bil smiley - l


It seems to me Lil's kindness itself

So it's very sad to hear her health

Is not what we would wish it to be -

That's rude and giggly and full of glee.



You are ill smiley -

A big red setter

Will make you better


I'm sorry to hear, dearest lil,

That you are so very ill,

There's something I would say to you,

Like others here, on hootoo,

I'm sending to you all my best,

And something I'd like to suggest,

But I'm not sure If I oughter...

I'll gie ye a quid for your daughter.

-T.B. Falsename

I don't know her well though I've seen her around,

But I'm sorry to hear she's not well.

Just a note to the nurses - if you value your peace

Cut the string off that leads to the bell! smiley -

-King Bomba

Our good friend Lil has bin quite ill

Of pills and potions she has had her fill

She wants to return to the rumour mill

No more viewing life over a window sill

We want you back when you've had a rest

Then we will be back to our best

All our threads lack your zest

Hoggy does well but he has holes in his vest

-Bob Stafford


Is ill

Hope she soon gets better

And out of hospital the doctors let her,

Else we'll have to get 'er

-Mrs Bojangles

Likkul lil went up the hill

to have her 'citis snipped

i was home, watching smiley -

and had another smiley -

-Pierce the Pirate

You have to feel sorry for Lil

As the NHS tightens its grip.

I hope Declan can cure her ills

Even though he's just a big Drip.

Lil's still stuck in hospital;

I'm sure she's finding it dull.

But once she's through this Purgatory

She'll still spend time in Hull...

-Ivan the Terribly Average

To be sung as a round:
smiley -

Auntie Giggles, Auntie Giggles,

We miss you, we miss you -

Do not press the button! Do not press the button!

Tee hee hee. Tee hee hee. smiley -


So here's a toast to Auntie Giggles

Button pusher extraordinaire

No longer locked inside the shuttle

She now resides in sick bay where

She'll soon be cured and laughing, but'll

...(sorry, I can't read these squiggles)smiley -


She's got a pain has our poor Lil,

She's really feeling a little ill,

So Bel said could we send a poem,

To cheer her up till she comes home.

We're thinking of you day and night,

You've given us an awful fright,

But postings from the Prof and Vicky,

Say you're feeling a bit less "icky",

So Get Well Soon,we're missing you,

It's awfully quiet,here on Hootooo!!!


From afar I'll send another smiley - hug

Till we sit together again over a jug.

Get well soon!

-Trillian's Child

So quiet is hootoo without lil

come soon back without the ill

sending good vibes

hoping the ill will wipes


It is so hard to find the words

To tell her how I really feel.

I'd write a verse or two for Lil

If I was sure 't won't make her worse.
smiley - smiley - smiley -


Lost the nicest ACE here?

I'll never fear

Lil'll soon be back, and spreading her good cheer

-Axi and Boris smiley -

Lil Lil took a pill,

Twice as big as Malvern Hills,

When the pill began to work,

Lil Lil came to lurk!


Poor old Lil

I hear she's ill

So she's not around to delight us

It's not much fun

For her poorly tum

But she's got a cute Pendacitis

-Br Evadne Cake

Our lil is cared for by the nurses, keeping her ok

And we show care with random verses, be it night or day.

We do our best to make her giggle, keep her spirits up.

The nurses tell her not to wriggle- try to shut her up!


I want again to hear that "i yam here"

I want to read about those "likl legs"

I want to see those happy "giggles" dear

I want again to read more poems like:"sometimes...."


There's much upset across the 'net

And all the sound of cries and wailing

Texting, phoning, posting, mailing

Thrumming of hi-tech devices

Sending news of woe and crisis

Can just about replace the sound

That's missing while Lil's not around


I'd write a bit more poem

But my head can't find a verse

That says Lil soon get better

without her feeling worse.

I've tried the works of Shakespeare

Milton, Wordsworth, Donne

I've scratched the stains upon my vest

You can smell I've tried each one

But none of them give rise to rhymes

There's nothing in my head

So have a little smiley - to sniff

While lying in your bed.


smiley - birosmiley - birosmiley - biro

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