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Posted: 16th December 2004


It's that time of year again...

... when the cat litter is full of tinsel-wrapped little 'presents' as the delightful furry creatures decide that anything that tempting and shiny must be good to eat. Still, at least they haven't actually pulled the tree over... yet.

What a fun-filled time I'm having; The Dutch Meet - a report of which from Lucky Star can be found in this edition, the Post 5th birthday (with cake!), then a trip to Ahoy in Rotterdam to see Faithless (or Fateless as my Dutch friends pronounce it) followed by a mad dash back to Het Kasteel to catch most of the Bootleg Doors concert. Then, this evening and Friday, I shall tease my friends by concealing Christmas UK hits among my usual DJ offerings - but will stick to disco/dance for the Oud en Nieuw Feest (Old and New Party) gig in the early hours of January 1st. But even this won't be topped by the events at Kwatro on Sunday just gone. They hold a 'live' karaoke afternoon and evening annually and this
year was no exception.

Performances varied greatly. It all kicked off just before 6pm with an 'interesting' interpretation of Sailing. Rod Stewart it wasn't and possibly positioned at the wrong end of the competition. I'm far more used to hearing this sung at the end of a 'good night at the pub' - before everyone adjorns to the local Indian take-away. Various acts in varying styles followed, including at least two numbers by h2g2's Kheldar and a fully-costumed Sponge Bob Square Pants act, but TM and I still sat on the sidelines possibly drinking more than was wise. Finally TM was summoned and gave an excellent rendition of Love Like Blood from Killing Joke. A couple of numbers later and it was my turn. So, wearing very sixties-style make-up, sporting knee boots and a mini, I set out to knock 'em dead. About an hour - and a few more beers - later the three finalists were summoned to perform again. This was unexpected to say the least and TM and I were in the running! After yet more beers I heard my name called as the winner smiley - biggrin so a third outing was requested. The song? These Boots Are Made For Walking and I guess that's exactly what they did. smiley - rofl I must confess to having a slight smiley - hangover the next day! smiley - ill In the time-honoured tradition I must thank the band, who performed brilliantly, my manager, my mum, my supporters, my...

Enough! Back to the last Post (of 2004)! It is stuffed full of goodies and not a turkey amongst them. In fact, every one is a smiley - cracker! Regulars, features, cartoons and puzzles to keep you going over the festive season. Also, voting is now open for the Christmas Poetry Competition(s). Details of where and how to send your votes can be found on the Competition page. Remember that you can cast your votes until Monday 3rd January and the results will be announced in the first edition of 2005 on 6th January. Do please support our poets and register a vote.

smiley - santa Season's Greetings to all our readers and contributors. See you in 2005! smiley - santa


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