The Post Christmas Number Fun

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Numbers are usually for accountants, mathematicians or statisticians but they also figure in book, film or song titles.

From the clues given by the initial letters and the dates see if you can work out all the answers1. Yes - there are a few tricks smiley - winkeye to put you off the scent and some include extra help. You need to fill in all the words to be really impressive.

  1. 1 F D f M B (1904)

  2. 1 F O T C N (1975)

  3. 1 M W T M

  4. 2 J (1990)

  5. 2 F S E M b T R B (1977)

  6. 3 A d b J L (1986)

  7. 3 C I T F (1954)

  8. 3 M b A D P (1844)

  9. 4 H O T A (1922)

  10. 5 E P (1970)

  11. 7 Y I w M M (1955)

  12. 8 A A H (1963)

  13. 8 D A W b T B (1965)

  14. 9 T b D L S (1966)

  15. 10 C (1956)

  16. 10 G B H O T W

  17. 12 o C H (1949)

  18. 12 A M d b S L (1956)

  19. 18 T I D b B A (1996)

  20. 20 T L U T S (1954)

  21. 24 H F T (1963)

  22. 39 S d b A H (1935)

  23. 42 S c b B B (1933)

  24. 50 W T L Y L b P S (1975)

  25. 84 C C R (1986)

Got them all? Excellent! Post your answers in The Post Christmas Number Fun Thread!


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1A fair few would require 'the' as a prefix for completeness.

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