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I've lost count of the pages. Since the twenty there's around twenty more... that's in one week. I've been busy I have.

I'd like to say that I lied during my last entry, or that I was somehow telling you a piece of fiction1.

I admit now I'm insane. Or perhaps I'm just denying my manic depression? Who knows...

Believe it or not this is all happening to me and in the not too distant future you will have the solid evidence in your hands... or more probably on your PC screen. You won't, however, know about the intricate details that have gone into this project. The intense nitty gritty that usually passes me by.

Tsunetomo Yamamoto said it best in his book 'Hagakure', think on serious matters lightly and on light matters seriously. This is the driving principle of what I'm doing.

I've changed my lifestyle really when I think about it. For instance, I have a relatively small bag for college, and many a time I forget/can't fit my literature books. Recently two copies of Conan (Always 'Conan', and whichever book I'm reading at the moment – in this case 'Conan the Freebooter') have never left my side. I still forget the literature books...

The fact that I can reference Conan pretty much when I choose too is bizarre as well. The only people I can compare myself too is the old Tolkein fans, who wrote 'Frodo Lives' on books, desks, walls... although I would never work the phrase 'And by Crom do the Beatles act irresponsibly in A Hard Day's Night in the eyes of society'... That'd be silly wouldn't it?

Then there's the T-shirt I've been pining after. The one with the banner of Thulsa Doom on the neck and Conan is huge letters across the front. I want the world to know of Conan like Peter Jackson has made everyone read the books again. The Telegraph once said the world is divided into those that have read the books and those that are going too. The same should and will, one day, be said of Conan.

You see many people have watched the films 3 and so never know that Conan was pretty smart. He knew lots of languages and used logic to break into places. He wasn't a bungling brute either, or a heavy drinker. He sobers up fast when he needs too..

You're probably wondering what all this is about and part of me wants to indulge myself by telling the secret. It's one of those things I've never been good at and it's why I'm terrible around time of year. Which is why, with the closing of the Post Office for Croms feast day...4

I've rambled long enough. I'm writing this after several days of absence from the precious that is my life work and I feel human again. I even talked to a woman today, helped her, then gave up my PC for her!5 See I don't like being nice, it only gets me near evil distractions when I could be busy doing things involving ladies...

I shall reveal all next time

Speaking of which, where did I leave that picture of Liv Tyler...

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1Not mentioning any names, but I do know a certain editor thought it was... Crom was angeredsmiley - grr! Psychop got peeved at grammer! Shazz apologised2! Then all was well once more... Crom went back to his mountain once I'd given him chicken. Cheeky begger he is.2Indeed, although you could have been clearer with your intentions... ed3Mainly Destroyer is to blame here. Crom will come for those that cause Destroyer to kill the franchise, damn them! Milius was going to do one every few years! By Crom that would be a gift!4Sorry, there appears to be something missing from this sentence... ed5Although she did seem to need it as opposed to me who was only checking emails.

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