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The One Too Many Issue

I thought it was one, too, three?

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'The Shrews go north to the The Railwaymen tonight' hissed a hooded figure in the shadows behind the village notice board. I stopped in my tracks. 'The Dragons will roast the Dynamos of Shepshed' I hissed back as I casually turned to read the notices; Meeting of Parish Council, Wednesday evening re proposed purchase of replacement streetlight bulbs. A scrap of paper was shoved under the hand I'd casually placed on the side of the notice board. I casually pocketed it and went on reading; Women's Institute meeting Thursday afternoon - competition; Best creative use of six milk bottle tops. I casually turned from the board and went casually home. Another successful transaction with CAC C undercovert agent 200042 had been completed and would keep the CAC Continuum going for another week.

I thought it was three too many.

The List on the Back of the Beer Mat:

Round One: 'Dear diary' said U247279, esteemed columnist of the h2g2 smiley - thepost, to his journal on the afternoon of the 21st of August 2004, 'I've been down the pub...' and proceeded to confess the whole story. Just between him and his diary. That's what he thought; not knowing about the network of undercover CACC agents always on the look out for a good story to report back. Want the whole tale? You have a right to know.

Three too many for?

Round Too: This, Nine, is one to think about when you've had one, two, or nine too many. Oh, and that's by U882907.

Three too many four five...

Round Many: And this Motorway Marker Posts is one to tell all your mates about when you've had one too many on top of the last lot. Thank you U185247. Did you know that? I didn't know that. Not before I read that. It's true you know. You check next you're stuck in that jam on the motorway. I did.

Three too many for five what?

Village Notice Board.

Vacancies: Undercovert agents. Requirements; heavy overcoat, wide brimmed hat, shades and a good nose.

Eight. That would be eight.

This week's contribution from the CAC Continuum was selected from the undergrowth of h2g2 by
Waz with the assistance of undercovert agent U200042, in the never ending search for gems for the UG
(while bunking off yet again from the Alternative Writing Workshop ).


The boilerplate:

And, finally, a warm thanks to the researchers who tell all to their journals and who leave us obscure facts and odd thoughts.

And to those who keep this show on the road. We couldn't do it without you.

The Committee for Alien Content(ment) salutes you! smiley - smiley - smiley -

This box of pork scratchings inspected and packaged by
(tonsil revenge)!

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